Preparing For the Future of Urban Mobility in India

Let’s take a step back to move forward, turn around the clock and go back in time to run towards the future. Let’s stop to start. Confused? Don’t be. We are showing you the glimpse of a new India where this country is running and running towards great heights but wait – we are stuck in traffic!

To avoid this scenario, we are here to prepare you for the future of urban mobility in India and our solution is cycle. Urban mobility in present scenario is highly relied upon buses and cars which are responsible for pollution and heavy road congestion. The immediate need of the hour is to find an alternative which hits both the birds with one stone. The most feasible and cost effective way to bring this to action is by taking your bicycles out. Bicycle is a solution to a lot of problems; it takes care of the traffic issue as well as keeps you fit. We need to get out of our comfort zones and become responsible for our country. The future of urban mobility is using Public transportation like metro railways, buses, car shuttles along with walking and non-motorized vehicles like bicycles.

But with bicycles the current roads will become a problem as bicycles would definitely need a separate lane. In India usage comes and infrastructure follows. As soon as we are out on the roads with our bicycles, our government will be more than ready to restructure the roads accordingly because today everyone is looking for sustainable developments; developments that won’t hurt our nature any further as the damage that is done is irreversible and we are the ones who has to pay for that or we’re already paying the heavy price. A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a strategic plan designed to satisfy the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities and their surroundings for a better quality of life. It will build on existing planning practices and will take due consideration of integration, participation, and evaluation principles.

A bicycle can be accessed by anyone and everyone. It is easy and environment friendly. Today when we all are talking about being advanced and modern then why not become sensible and responsible citizens first. The quality of atmosphere we live in is very low. We are actually inhaling un-inhalable air which has toxic elements. Traffic is not the only problem that cycling will resolve it will also give us a better life. We need to be very open minded to this change because in India cars are a highly acknowledged status symbol. The higher a person stands on the social strata the bigger his or her car is. Bicycles are widely used in many developed countries like China, UK, Netherlands, Japan, etc by all age groups and social standings.

With the advent of bicycle, we will be able to reduce accidents, underage driving can be restricted too. The solutions we were looking for everywhere was right in front of us but sadly we never really thought about it.

Introducing YULU, a unique mobile solution which lets you commute using bicycle at very affordable rates. YULU runs in big cities with its service covering the major part of the city. One can locate a bicycle, pick it up and after finishing the ride drop it at any safe public area. The payment is done using Paytm, debit and credit cards in a secure and hassle free manner. Yulu is aligned with India’s top priorities namely “Make in India”, “Clean India”, “Green India”, “Digital India”, and “Cashless India”, which will lead to strong support from the government at state and national level.

YULU is committed to solve the traffic congestion and related problems, which is becoming a big social problem in the country. It aims to make an impact using technology. Let us all join hands to bring the old back to be able to walk towards the new and the better. Let us all #PedalTheChange

Author: Yulu

Yulu's vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. We strongly believe that short commute mode can be made more Efficient, Affordable and GREEN, thereby ensuring that future generations will have a healthy environment to live. We want to replace big personal vehicles with a smaller form factor that does not require fossil fuel. We are using IoT technology to create a vast network of shared dockless bicycles that can be rented easily by a user-friendly app in pay per use business model. We are a mission-driven company based out of India with a solid founding team and big ambitions. At Yulu we believe that every day is a mission and success is exciting when its attained with fun and as a team. If you want to solve the problem of traffic congestion, reduce pollution, positively impact the society, let's have a conversation to partner in our journey to shape a new India for our future generations.

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