5 Practical tips to Cycle in city during peak traffic

Cycling as you may be familiar is not a very used means of commute in the cities. People have their reasons for it, but you must be well versed with the fact that cycling is one of the best exercises for your body and makes travelling much more fun, exciting and unique than the other modes of commute. In short, let us assure you that cycling is the new trend! While you debate against yourself on the fact whether cycling is the ideal mode of transportation for short distance commute or not, if it can help you beat the heavy traffic or not, the answer is ‘yes’. It will help you beat the heavy congestion on the roads with ease and buy you a significant amount of time. We are here to provide you with 5 very practical tips you can use to cycle in the city during peak hours.


  • Be smooth: While it is true that cycling is fun and exciting, but it is very necessary to keep your adrenaline in check while you ride in roads with heavy congestion. Never forget your childhood lesson that slow and steady wins the race. While in traffic never rush, look for the gaps. Keep your pace in check and be steady to move into the gaps and cut the traffic and use your street smartness to create your escape route.


  • Do not wear headphones: The last thing you would want is to get involved in an accident in a heavy traffic jam. So to ensure that always be alert and keep eyes wide open to the surroundings. But most importantly, try avoiding wearing headphones while riding your bicycle. The headphones sure are the new trend and listening songs might relax you, but using a headphone while taking a ride definitely reduces your safety quotient on street. The noise cancellation device will put your life in danger if used while riding a bicycle by keeping you in shadow to all the vehicles around you. Noises are also necessary!
  • Know your location in the crowd: It is very important to be aware of the location you are in while riding and take note of the vehicles around you. Look out for the vehicles coming from behind, but at the same time you need to pay attention to the vehicles in front. Never take your eyes away from the indicators of the vehicles in front. Be sure of the route you want to travel and use your hand to indicate a change in direction you wish to undertake during a ride to the vehicles behind you. While you are on your ride, be smart enough to change lanes to move forward earlier and travel faster whenever you find sufficient space between vehicles.
  • Stay clear from the divider: Always be clever enough to ride on the left side of the road while travelling northwards. In areas of high congestion on roads, people always tend to get irritated and are in a hurry to leave as soon as possible and that often leads to reckless driving. The safest option is to keep to your left side of the road and travel and thus avoid the worry of the vehicle in front taking a sudden U-turn. Your safety is assured!
  • Cover your brakes: When there is heavy congestion on roads, it becomes pretty difficult for the vehicles to pass and as a result everyone will be in search for an opportunity or a gap to occupy. While you must use your street smartness to cover the gaps steadily in traffic and make your way forward, always use both your hands to cover the brakes. During peak traffic, you may need to make a move and immediately may need to stop again and again, and for the sake of safety it is always better to have a grip on the brakes and be clear of the doors of the vehicles being flung open suddenly.



Take note of all the above mentioned tips, and you are ready to face the challenge of cycling in a city. While you plan to take up the new trend of cycling for commutation, Yulu is here at your service to help you with your plans. Yulu provides cycles at very affordable rates to help you in your ride. Scan and rent cycles using the Yulu app and do not let the peak hours of traffic discourage you from taking up cycling as a mode of commutation.  

Have you tried the Yulu Keep feature yet?

“Yulu is the India’s dockless and truly Smart Public Bike (bicycle) Sharing Service that is solving the first and last mile connectivity, and short distance commute problem in cities.”

The Yulu bikes are specially designed for Indian roads. They glide smoothly and meander through their path with a smart lock system integrated with a smartphone app. The special design gives the rider greater access and to a bike when they are in need of it. Yulu brings to you  its greatest hope to be able to provide affordable, safe, convenient and green mode of transportation where everyone can contribute to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, thereby creating a healthier and pollution free environment for ourselves as well as our future generations.

Yulu has set out with a vision to reduce the present traffic congestion by providing an affordable, scalable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. It is strongly believed that short commute mode can be made more affordable, efficient, convenient and GREEN, which will further ensure that the future generations have a healthy environment to live in. The idea is to replace the big and bulky personal vehicles with a smaller and compact form factor that does not require any fossil fuel thereby saving fuel as well. Yulu uses IoT technology to create a widespread network of shared dockless bicycles which can be rented conveniently by a user-friendly app in a pay per use business model. Yulu is a highly mission-driven company which is based out of India with a firm founding team and big but achievable ambitions. At Yulu it is believe that each and every single day is a mission and success is extremely sweet when it is achieved with fun and as a team. Yulu is for all those people out there who want to solve the problem of high route congestion, contribute their bit in reducing pollution and impact the society in a positive manner. Not to mention, cycling comes with the bonus of keeping you fit and healthy forever.

All said and done, after successfully running its first batch of bicycles on road with an impressive result, Yulu has now introduced Yulu Keep Feature’. Let us break this down to simpler terms for you. Yulu KEEP lets you commute after 6 pm to a destination and then back to a Yulu ZONE – basically from work to home and back to work in the next morning. Yulu KEEP starts only after 6pm and the user can unlock a bike under the KEEP feature by accepting all the terms and conditions in the app. Until KEEP is released, the bike is reserved for the normal Yulu usage to be rented by users any number of times. The feature is released from 6pm up to 6am next morning by which the user has to drop the bicycle to the nearest Zone and from 6 am to 9am next morning the rider can drop the bike anywhere – a ride is necessary. The user is fully responsible for theft or any damage to the bike until KEEP is released.

This is an interesting way to encourage people to use bicycle more than automobiles. Yulu is indeed set to make this place a better habitat for people and we cannot agree more! As they say at Yulu, it is time to #PedalAChange. What are you waiting for! Explore your route on Yulu bikes, pedal to your work place and dodge the traffic congestion and don’t forget to try the Yulu KEEP feature!

7 top cycling cities in the world

With the increasing number of people opting for bicycles as a means of transport in the country, it is only right to maintain this enthusiastic movement and encourage more and more people to join in. The return of bicycle has become the new series in action. All over the world, people are rediscovering the benefits of cycling. The officials of the cities are responding by building the needed infrastructure to serve and also to keep them safe. This new and much needed change to raise cycling levels and improve the quality of city life is the greatest movement in global urbanism. Of course, not all cities are moving at an equal pace. Some are marching ahead, while others lagging behind. It is unfair to expect equal responses from everywhere.

India is also responding to this movement in a very positive manner. The citizens have become very much responsible and understand the need to shift from heavy vehicles to bikes in order to make the cities better, people healthier, pollution lower and ultimately the planet happier. In order to keep up with the enthusiasm that our citizens have shown in cycling, we at Yulu have enlisted the top 7 cycling cities in the world to make you understand  what steps the cities across the globe are being taken by the officials in the favour of those who are riding bicycle for betterment.


  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Since 2015 alone, the City has completed the Havneringen / Harbour Ring bicycle route allowing its citizens to cycle along the whole inner harbour of the city. The council has piloted a new traffic light system that detects and prioritizes cyclists, launched digital traffic congestion signs to improve the flow through the city, and opened new bicycle superhighway routes for the riders. Now, 62 percent of residents ride a bike daily to work or education in the city—just nine percent drive. To sum up the entire scenario, there are very few places in the world that prioritize innovation as much as Copenhagen does, with the city council support to back it up totally.




  • Utrecht, Netherlands
    We are not used to seeing this name in the top on many lists, but lists like this one traditionally begins with names like this. Also this is one of the smaller cities on the list. Utrecht continues to impress the cycling enthusiast all around the world. The uniquely designed Dafne Schippersbrug Bridge is a fine example. The city’s ongoing plan is to build 33,000 bike parking spots at the Central Station by 2020 is another great example. The current 12,000 spots weren’t enough, says the official of the city.




  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam, like the other two cities mentioned above, has plans for quite impressive development and bicycle urbanisation projects, but they are bit lagging behind as compared to the others. For the benefits of its own residents, it has put bicycles in Municipal and political agendas. Its topographical conditions at times make it difficult to put ideas into



action but nevertheless the citizens show responsibility towards their place and still promote the use of bikes over any other vehicle.



  • Strasbourg, France
    Strasbourg is planning a coherent network of ‘bicycle superhighways’ with three major routes and several radial routes to connect the city with its suburbs and neighbouring towns. They are also planning on establishing bicycles as a form of transport equivalent to other public transport. Just like Utrecht and Amsterdam, Strasbourg’s primary challenge is to settle on some uniform infrastructure designs which run across the city. Upgrading its infrastructure to be intuitive and uniform is the perfect complement to its otherwise visionary bicycle urbanisation plans. Many cities are taking some serious initiatives towards cycling to establish it as a better form of public transport which makes them better cities for bike riders.




  • Malmö, Sweden
    Malmö, since 2015, has continued to work towards building the bicycle as a transport in the city. It is very thrilling to take notice of the opening of Cyklehuset or Bicycle House: an entire housing that accommodates bicycles throughout the building encourages car-free lifestyle. That is not all, this Swedish city is looking forward to upgrade its bicycle sharing by distributing cargo bikes from its central train station. A new bicycle ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen is set to strengthen bicycle tourism in the region. Most of these innovative initiatives are concentrated in the European region.  




  • Tokyo, Japan
    When we are talking about establishing bicycles as a means of transport, it is not possible to not talk about Tokyo. It is the city which brought cycling back to everyone’s notice. It was quite strange to see it falling out of the top 20 bicycle friendly cities in 2015. But Tokyo is back in the list and with the most impressive statistics. One fifth of the area’s 20 million rail commuters use cycle to reach the station. The tourist areas are loaded with bikes, but it is the neighbourhoods where the vast majority of locals live that makes you really understand why Japan is the world’s third great cycling nation, and Tokyo its crown jewel. The modal share quite easily hits 30% in most of the neighbourhoods. Bike parking stations are everywhere and impressive parking stations with all facilities are located near all the train stations.




  • Berlin, Germany
    Berlin is 2 spots up in the 2017 ranking. The city owes the credits to its activists who promoted cycling referendum, placing bikes on the city’s main agenda. Berlin is set to experiment with traffic-free streets and is also testing ‘green waves’ for the bike riders. The government is also implementing the plans outlined by the Cycling Referendum. The capital’s modal share has reached up to a respectable 13% but some neighbourhoods estimate this number to see as high as 20%. Hence, few new bike share system is slated for the year. What happens is yet to be seen. But it is also true, that the new Coalition government has started to focus on sustainable transport system and cycling is surely on the top!



These are the top 7 cities which have established cycling as a means/form of transport very seriously looking at the scenarios from the past few years. The government of these cities have equally supported the movement, and in places where the government wasn’t cooperating, they were made to cooperate because ultimately it is for the benefits of its citizens, their city and ultimately solves the problems of a lot of environmental challenges.  There are more cities which are progressing towards developing cycle lanes and other infrastructure to encourage its citizens to switch to cycling. Cities like Barcelona, Vienna, Paris are trying to squeeze in cycling infrastructure where it becomes quite problematic for the already set city design.

In comparison to all these pro-cycle cities and also countries, countries like India have just begun its movement. India can only be situated in the very initial stage of this development.  Yulu has set foot to make this movement visible in the global front. We at Yulu encourage all the young adults and working people to cycle to their workplace. It is not only required for your own betterment but also for the future generations. Take cues from the above listed cities and opt for cycling. Don’t worry we got your back, book a Yulu cycle and #PedalTheChange!


Yulu’s Rider Guide – Parking Do’s and Don’ts

Where to park your bicycle? This question is often found missing from the cycling debates.

In the recent race of initiatives to promote cycling, the focus is often on the bike lanes, how it can reduce traffic congestion, how it can help in keeping you fit, how it reduces all the hassles of parking, but wait! Where do you park your bike in the first place? So, we, at Yulu, have decided to give our riders a brief yet descriptive guide to the parking do’s and don’ts. We encourage healthy bike riding and those who strictly abide by the traffic rules. Wear your helmets, keep your biking gears ready, take the bike lanes wherever possible, etc, etc.

With the increasing number of enthusiast cyclist is increasing the number of cycles hitting the roads. Cycle will slowly and definitely takeover the roads (yay!). Today we can see an evident increase in the number of bicycles on the roads, we see young adults actually understanding the need of the hour and opting for cycles instead of their personal vehicles or even heavy public transportation vehicles. With this rapid increase, the demand for separate lanes for bikes is also increasing; it is only the right thing to do. By doing this we can remove the load off the roads and the life of the roads will also improve.

To avoid such scenarios where bicycles become another obstruction, Yulu has designated Yulu zones in the area of service and we highly encourage the riders to park their Yulu bikes at a Yulu Zone which is marked in Yulu blue. In the event of unavailability of a Yulu zone, the riders are advised to park their bikes at any publicly accessible location that does not obstruct the traffic; pedestrians or vehicles. The bikes must be strictly parked at lawful parking spots, i.e. the bikes must not be parked in any private property, closed areas, or any other non-public spheres. Also note that, the bikes must be parked at a location which is visible and easily accessible by other Yulu riders.

Following are some of the parking Don’ts that a rider must avoid.

  • Parking inside a Gated Community or a Gated office/building where we have not created a Yulu zone is a big no.
  • Bikes must not be parked in an underground parking space as our bicycles become untraceable, causing massive issues for our Operations team.
  • A bike should not be parked in areas that might lead to traffic or pedestrian obstruction.

By abiding by these do’s and don’ts you can stand as a responsible citizen and also lead others into following these. Join the Yulu #PedalTheChange movement and help us in making it better and better every passing day. To know more about Yulu visit www.yulu.bike and participate in bringing the biggest revolution in the way people commute by switching to cycling.

Utility Cycling is not a ‘sport’ but ‘transport’

With days passing by, the fare of the public and private transport services keeps on rising and there seems to be no change that would benefit your pocket. It is a rising concern for the entire country but we hardly see any solution to the problem. Related to this issue, let us shed some light on one of the most relatable topics- ‘Utility Cycling’. Before we discuss how utility cycling can be related to your daily life, let us focus on what it is. You have often cycled for the sole purpose of relaxation or leisure, but utility cycling is confined to daily commute. Utility Cycling is not ‘sport’ but ‘transport’.

How can you relate to utility cycling remains the question here. You end up spending thousands of bucks on travelling from home to office per month. And not just that, the additional maintenance cost of your own vehicle remains on you. Besides, the public transport system is not very comfortable either taking into consideration the traffic jam and the office hour rush. Utility cycling is a well-known practice in the western countries, and the aim is to spread the good word of how helpful it is.

You often get up in the morning after a good night sleep, and get ready for work- and surprise! you are waiting in the long traffic queue. You have to be patient, have a strong will and battle irritation before you even reach work. Let us explore a few more areas where you can relate to Utility cycling as a daily option. For a moment, even if we forget the traffic jam, we definitely cannot forget the rush in public transport services. The buses are often filled with passengers and accommodate more than the capacity the bus can hold and you have to adjust to the crowd. It is very demotivating for your work, taking into account the journey to the work place you have undertaken. Another very relatable issue is the management of time. To reach your workplace in time is something in your professional career that you cannot neglect. And finally, the environment that we all share also needs care, and utility cycling takes a step  towards the better future of the planet.

Utility cycling is a solution that addresses all the above mentioned daily issues. All you need to do is cycle to work and enjoy your ride to reach your destination on time in a very happy mood, and that will definitely motivate and energize you. You need not reach your work place late, but rather reach in time dodging all the traffic woes and mocking the long queues of motor vehicles. Secondly, utility cycling is similar to travelling in your own vehicle. You ride at your comfort and the speed that suits you and none of the obstacles will hinder your way to work. You need not compromise with someone else for comfortable seating when you take up utility cycling as the preferred mode of commutation to work. Utility cycling is the answer to the question that bothers millions of people in this country. Spending huge numbers on travelling to work is widely criticized by the masses. Utility cycling is very pocket friendly and helps your savings take a hike and fill your pockets. The most important connection that is between utility cycling and the citizens of the country is it helps save nature and protect the environment from all the harmful gases emitted from the motor vehicles. We surely can live with a lesser amount of carbon dioxide in the air than what is present currently.

Utility cycling is now just an alternative option, but how long would it take for us citizens to take up the good habit and make it a trend? It surely is free of side effects that could cause any harm and moreover provides a bonus by keeping you fit and saving a lot of your time. Yulu believes in building a society that favors its residents and also makes the roads congestion free. Yulu has taken the initiative to promote utility cycling in this country and protect the environment and help build a better society, but it would all make sense only when you make it a trend for the society to follow. When you find the issues so relatable, nothing should stop you from utility cycling. To help you take up the practice, Yulu is providing bicycles on rent at cheap and affordable rates- all you have got to do is scan and rent a bicycle using our app and pedal the change.

The Significance of The Yulu Blue – A Color That Binds Us All

Ever wondered why Yulu bicycles are that beautiful sky blue? This blog aims to unravel the mystery behind choosing this particular color.

Blue is a distinct color that represents the sky and the sea. It is the color associated with open spaces, freedom, expansiveness, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. It also represents confidence, stability, trust, intelligence, depth, and faith.

To put it simply the color has a positive and calming effect on the mind and the body. It is the color of the spirit and invokes a feeling of serenity. It can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and helps to slow human metabolism. It helps with balance and self-expression.

Another critical aspect behind choosing this color – is what binds our country together. The one unique thing that is beyond language, food, religion or movies. It is our love for cricket. The sport that brings us Indians together and the sky blue colored jersey of our team.

The Yulu bicycle was created for the Indian user – the commuter who spends hours on the road battling traffic congestion.  We aimed to bring about a behavior change in people and get them to ride bicycles, thereby easing the commuter’s life on the road, and solving urban mobility problems. Yulu offers a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for people.

The unique Yulu blue is not available off-the-shelf in the market. You just know a Yulu bicycle from a distance. It’s who we are. It’s our identity.

Go green with Yulu Blue! You can amp up your health, ensure peace of mind by avoiding traffic, while also saving the environment. Go free of fossil fuels – no carbon emissions and a cleaner environment.

What are you waiting for? Join us. Download Yulu app and start to #PedalTheChange!

5 reasons to ride a Bike on campus

Cycling is traditionally thought of as a student’s vehicle. And to a large extent it is true. It is becoming increasingly popular among our younger generations who happen to be students. Students these days prefer environment friendly modes of transportation and cycling fits perfectly in this category. Not to mention, bicycling is also becoming the ‘new golf’ for a particular strata of our society, which is good because that strata includes people who are able to influence others- people everybody looks up to. Instead of playing golf at an expensive country club, many executives choose to take their bikes out and go for few laps of cycling. Cycling is great for those who rarely take some of their time out to look at the natural scenery. It lets you explore new ways and reach where nature reigns. It is also considered a leisurely way of commuting, where you take a look around your way, enjoy your route and go at your own pace. It teaches you the geography of your route, stretches your legs, allows you to take a look around and pedal further.

As a cyclist, you need not travel alone. You can always make group, call a bunch of your friends and start pedaling. Remember the early days of your life, when all of you would pedal to your tuition classes? Why not bring back those days?It doesn’t really matter if you’ve grown up, we are always young at heart, aren’t we?

Our lifestyle is drastically different from that of our parents and grandparents. Their schedule included physical work, running and toiling all day long, but nowadays, most of us are confined in front of a laptop, computer or mobile screens. Our work requires us to use either of these or all of these and hence our physical toil has come down to a great level. Students are also confined in the same manner, spending most of the time online. Therefore, including cycling in their schedule is would help a great deal. Using bicycles to commute, going for a quick bike ride in the evening to relax and rejuvenate, or making it a regular hobby will enable them to stay fit. These are the days when you’ve really got to stay fit and do loads.

So here are 5 great reasons to ride a bike on campus!

  • Save money
    This is reason enough for anyone, not only students, to switch to riding a bicycle instead of a motorbike. And for students it comes as an extra incentive. Opting to ride a bicycle instead of a motor bike or car will save you a huge deal. Trust us, it will cut down your expenditure on fuel because hey you don’t need it at all! We all know the college students get cash-strapped most of the times because of living expenditures. With this ridiculously increasing price of petrol and diesel, switching to cycling will save money for books or stationery (or let’s not kid ourselves, for all the trips and music concerts too!). Bicycling will take you to your class faster than walking and with Yulu you can get bikes with the most affordable price! Go check out the Yulu app for more info!
  • Zero parking hassle
    With cycles comes with the bonus of reduced hassle of parking. Any student who brings their car or motorbike on campus knows the struggle of finding a spot in the parking lot and how difficult it to get your car out once others park all around it. With most of the parking spaces dedicated to the faculty and staff, you have to go round and round the parking lot to find one single spot. Sometimes, you have to walk half a mile if you don’t find any space. What busy college student has time for that?! Who on this face of earth would want to walk half a mile even after coming on a vehicle! So here’s the easiest solution to this problem – switch to cycling! The beauty of this compact piece of vehicle is that you can virtually park them anywhere, even in a crammed space! Don’t trust us? Try it yourself!
  • Become environment friendly
    Cycling has a lot of advantages, and one of them is you automatically become more environment friendly. In addition to saving money, opting for bicycles instead of cars and motorcycles helps in reducing harmful emissions, thus, you’re doing your bit for the environment. Your campus tells you to go protect your environment and practice what you preach? Riding a cycle is the easiest way to do your part in helping protect our environment and preserve mother earth. Also, keep your campus free of all the exhaust fumes. Go green!
  • You won’t be late for class anymore
    If you miss your attendance and get late owing to parking hassles, it is time for you to switch to cycling. By now you know, bringing your car or motorcycles does not always mean you reach class quicker. You may get stuck in traffic, you might not find a parking spot because, well, you are already late etc. Then what do you do? Take the bike out! Glide through the traffic, dodge the heavy and bulky vehicles on the road and be among the first ones to start off as soon as the traffic light hits green! A bike not only saves you the trouble of finding parking spaces, it also saves the time you waste in traffic jams. Hence, choosing to cycle would mean you can hit the snooze button one more time, and we all know how precious those five minutes of extra sleep are in the morning!
  • Stay fit
    Last but definitely not the least, cycling is the best way to keep you in shape without having to break a sweat in gym. With all the college students committed to their work and always pressed for time, it is better to be able to kill two birds with one stone and the destress while dashing  between classes and squeezing some time out to catch up with friends. By riding a bicycle on campus, you won’t have to shell out the money for a gym membership, and you can enjoy the fresh air rather than the Rorschach-sweat-blot test on the back of that guy spinning in the row in front of you.


The increased popularity of riding cycles on campuses across the nation is not without reason. Switching to cycling comes with a long list of benefits attached to it. Yulu gives you a great opportunity to switch to cycling and become a part of the larger movement of saving this planet and yourself from all the harmful effects of motor vehicles. With the most affordable pricing, and a widespread network of stations in the city, Yulu uplifts your cycling experience to its fullest.

There are great benefits of cycling and hopefully at least one of them will speak to you. Join the revolutionary movement started by Yulu by opting for bicycles and add to the numbers of bikers on campus and in the city.