10 Great Reasons To Cycle

In an age where Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, BMW bring forward a new model for their cars every other day, we suggest you consider our perfect mode of transportation – CYCLING! You must be wondering what would be a good enough reason to choose cycling over such comfortable cars. Well, we’ll give you those reasons. Not one or two but ten great reasons to cycle your way.

  1. Traffic is never fun: You’re late for work or in an emergency and you get going on your way and then you encounter the endless traffic en route to your destination. That is something you won’t consider fun and we can imagine what you’ve to go through when you face this similar traffic regularly. Cycling here, helps you dodge all your obstacles very easily and get going without frustrating you by keeping you stuck in traffic. There’s also a bonus for cyclists. Government is holding a talk on making separate lanes for cycles alone. Well, there again you have yourself from the captivity of the horrendous traffic.
  2. Fitness on your mind: Cycling has always been proven as one of the best exercises to maintain your fitness, it’s another great reason you should opt for cycling over anything else. Just cycle for a period of thirty minutes every day and voila! You’re fit! It helps in getting rid of your fat and also burns your carbs and gets you on your way towards having the perfect body you always wished for.
  3. Sleep is the ultimate peace: We understand that you desire a sleep free of all your worries, tensions and we are here to suggest you with the ultimate solution to your problem. Cycling helps you release all your tension and gets you relaxing. The exercise also helps you get to sleep quicker than your usual time and enjoy your blissful sleep.
  4. The dream of looking young comes true: A major concern of today’s population is their looks and aging. Cycling helps you complete your wish of looking like your younger self. Pedal daily for an hour and see the effects on yourself. It frees you from the added expense on cosmetics and gives you a skin which would glow.
  5. Save the planet: The rising number of motor vehicles on the street is not something new, and with the rising population, the sales graph seems to go only upscale. The resulting pollution from the emission of gases from these vehicles cause tremendous harm to the environment and makes it unhealthy and unsuitable for living. Not just that, the resources and fuels consumed by the motor vehicles have resulted in the depletion of the resources and the planet is on the verge of facing a scarcity. Cycling, here becomes the ideal mode of commutation, making the planet a better place to live
  6. Pedal for fun: Early morning cycle rides in a lush green park with your mates is something you should definitely look forward to. Experience the beauty of nature with your friend, family and loved ones by taking a cycle ride in early mornings along the parks and grounds.
  7. Park, where you stop: The cities turning into concrete jungles, have resulted in reduced parking space for your vehicles, as a result, you have to park your vehicle far away from your destination. Cycling relieves you of your parking worries. Cycle does not occupy a lot of space nor do you have to park your cycle far away from your destination. You may as well park at your destination.
  8. Make your pocket heavy: Car rides are definitely not expensive. The expense of taking cars for travel regularly definitely makes a hole in your pocket. Try cycling to work or colleges. It is inexpensive and frees you of the expenditure on petrol or diesel. Reduce your expenses and save more.
  9. Your own public-private transport: Cycling is for your own but for everyone. Cycles too are available for rent. You own till you rent it. Leave it and it’s for others.
  10. A bonus for mums to be: Research has shown that cycling helps in easier labor, faster recovery and a better mood for nine months of pregnancy.

So, what are you waiting for! Pick your reason and get pedaling. Yulu is here to give you an easy and efficient way to use bicycles. #StartTheChange


The Role of Cycling in Reducing Traffic and Congestion

In an era where cycling is becoming more popular as a comfortable form of exercise, transport and leisure activity, we see it as an origination of a path leading to a congestion-free system in the country. We are aware of the current traffic scenario of the country. The nation which is set to take on the world is stuck on roads. Traffic congestion affects each and every individual’s daily routine. Be it your personal life or your professional life, traffic leaves none untouched. Not just that, the country in totality faces a huge amount of loss due to the lack and extra fuel consumption due to the same.

When the traffic demand reaches its heights, the vehicle interaction reduces the speed of the traffic stream which gives rise to heavy congestion on roads. As the demand reaches the maximum capacity of the roads, high traffic congestion occurs. Due to which vehicles are required to halt for quite a span of time leading to many drivers and also travelers becoming furious and getting caught in road rages. Not only is the country facing the loss of the resources but also a huge economic loss as well. India incurs heavy losses resulting from the delays and a humungous amount of additional fuel consumption due to poor road conditions and frequent stops which approximately amounts to $21.3 billion annually says a statistical report. “According to the estimates, the cost of delay was $6.6 billion per year and the cost of additional fuel consumption due to delay was $14.7 billion per year,” the study conducted jointly by logistics firm Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and IIM Kolkata back in 2016. “In India, the scope of multi-modal transportation remains limited, given that most of the freight is carried by roads and the rest by the railways,” the study inferred. This was when we are talking about the statistics of 2016; the present situation is capable of increasing the terror even more. To face it, let us see what causes such heavy traffic snarls.

Here are few reasons for traffic congestions in urban areas:

  • Less number of lanes causes the high density of vehicles exploiting the capacity of the roads.
  • Lack of regular, wide-ranging, affordable and reliable public transportation.
  • Faulty traffic signaling systems, inadequate manpower, narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions.
  • Lack of ‘no parking’ and ‘one-way’ signals give rise to confusion among drivers which also leads to sometimes minor but at times heavy traffic jams.
  • Potholes are amongst the major concerns owing it to the bad road conditions which bring us back to the most important reason; the overload on roads.

The conditions of the roads are highly affected by the overburden of the vehicles running. Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination and in that trace of reaching faster and quicker, we forget that our roads are not planned well to give everyone his or her space on the way which causes in a high amount of honking. Due to traffic jam, a substantial portion of working hours has to be left on streets which indirectly put adverse impact on the economy.

The most sensible way out of this congestion is to use a bicycle as a mode of transportation to cover shorter distances. Bicycles can be your own private-public mode of transport. Bicycles are very light on the roads which will cause less damage and the roads will be fit for a longer span of time. Cycles can easily reduce the number of cars on roads which will not only reduce the traffic jams but will also play a pivotal role in lowering the air and noise pollution levels. Using bicycles will eventually lead to less number of road accidents as the dangers of over-speeding and rash driving can be eradicated to a great extent. Cycling lanes won’t cause traffic jams rather they are a major part of the solutions. As the citizens take to cycling, the number of vehicles on road will increase and the remaining number will be spread among the vehicle lane and the bicycle lane. Bicycles are compact, they don’t occupy much space on the roads, they don’t cause any traffic while reversing so most of the problems are taken care of by only one solution — bicycle.

YULU brings to you its service by providing you with bicycles for your daily commutation. With its best prices, it promises you less troublesome road experiences. YULU is more than committed to solving the traffic congestion issues and helps you become a very responsible citizen. Not only will YULU help solve the traffic issues but will also contribute to maintaining the roads by bringing more and more number of bicycles on road with its increase in the number of users. YULU is our two-way solution.

Preparing For the Future of Urban Mobility in India

Let’s take a step back to move forward, turn around the clock and go back in time to run towards the future. Let’s stop to start. Confused? Don’t be. We are showing you the glimpse of a new India where this country is running and running towards great heights but wait – we are stuck in traffic!

To avoid this scenario, we are here to prepare you for the future of urban mobility in India and our solution is cycle. Urban mobility in present scenario is highly relied upon buses and cars which are responsible for pollution and heavy road congestion. The immediate need of the hour is to find an alternative which hits both the birds with one stone. The most feasible and cost effective way to bring this to action is by taking your bicycles out. Bicycle is a solution to a lot of problems; it takes care of the traffic issue as well as keeps you fit. We need to get out of our comfort zones and become responsible for our country. The future of urban mobility is using Public transportation like metro railways, buses, car shuttles along with walking and non-motorized vehicles like bicycles.

But with bicycles the current roads will become a problem as bicycles would definitely need a separate lane. In India usage comes and infrastructure follows. As soon as we are out on the roads with our bicycles, our government will be more than ready to restructure the roads accordingly because today everyone is looking for sustainable developments; developments that won’t hurt our nature any further as the damage that is done is irreversible and we are the ones who has to pay for that or we’re already paying the heavy price. A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a strategic plan designed to satisfy the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities and their surroundings for a better quality of life. It will build on existing planning practices and will take due consideration of integration, participation, and evaluation principles.

A bicycle can be accessed by anyone and everyone. It is easy and environment friendly. Today when we all are talking about being advanced and modern then why not become sensible and responsible citizens first. The quality of atmosphere we live in is very low. We are actually inhaling un-inhalable air which has toxic elements. Traffic is not the only problem that cycling will resolve it will also give us a better life. We need to be very open minded to this change because in India cars are a highly acknowledged status symbol. The higher a person stands on the social strata the bigger his or her car is. Bicycles are widely used in many developed countries like China, UK, Netherlands, Japan, etc by all age groups and social standings.

With the advent of bicycle, we will be able to reduce accidents, underage driving can be restricted too. The solutions we were looking for everywhere was right in front of us but sadly we never really thought about it.

Introducing YULU, a unique mobile solution which lets you commute using bicycle at very affordable rates. YULU runs in big cities with its service covering the major part of the city. One can locate a bicycle, pick it up and after finishing the ride drop it at any safe public area. The payment is done using Paytm, debit and credit cards in a secure and hassle free manner. Yulu is aligned with India’s top priorities namely “Make in India”, “Clean India”, “Green India”, “Digital India”, and “Cashless India”, which will lead to strong support from the government at state and national level.

YULU is committed to solve the traffic congestion and related problems, which is becoming a big social problem in the country. It aims to make an impact using technology. Let us all join hands to bring the old back to be able to walk towards the new and the better. Let us all #PedalTheChange