Sustainable Mobility- You can help too!

Today, we know one thing for sure that the entire world is in need of change – a set of decisive moves to make the world a better place to live in. In times of chaos like this, every sector is going through a lot of change and it is necessary that we also step up and make our contribution in bringing about a better environment. The transportation sector also needs to go through a series of changes and we are here to make the alterations. Let us take a look at the various dimensions we can contribute to for making this planet better. If you ask why we need to change, the answer is simple. Take a look around and see for yourself. The roads are not good enough for daily commute. The potholes on the road pose a serious danger for the passengers on road. The number of accidents reported on a daily basis in this country is a proof to that. That is not all. The roads are heavily congested. The big cities face a similar problem- the traffic jam. Imagine the productivity that would have resulted with the time wasted being stuck on the roads. The congestion on the roads has been a headache in the big cities and the government has tried various ways to curb the problem, like building more flyovers and expanding the roads and so on. The problem, to say in simple words is that, there are simply more vehicles on road than it can accommodate. To solve the problem, there are more and more trees cut down and its effects have been reciprocated from the nature and we can feel that with the prolonged summers and unfit weather conditions for sustenance. The pollution rates have gone higher and higher and if this continues for long, apocalypse is not far from today. We need to change our lifestyle, drastically, and by change, we mean to put it into immediate effect. Every problem is inter- connected and it is a series of loopholes that causes such chaos in the society. All we need to do is work on the weak links that might cause harm to the society.

In the transportation sector, we can start by changing the way we commute. Cars and buses are the primary means to commute in the big cities, even if the destination is very close. To begin with, we can change the mode itself. For first mile commute or last mile commute, or even if the distance is less, we can use bicycles to travel to the destination. Bicycles are the ideal way to commute, as it has many fold benefits for the riders. Firstly, it helps you cut down on the expenses, which you would incur generally on the motor vehicles. There is hardly any expense you would incur while you ride a bicycle. It requires no fuels, so the rising prices of petrol and diesel would not be a problem for you. The cycles would just run on human power. The next benefit for the rider is that it helps you beat the heavy congestion on the roads. Cycles do not take up a lot of space, and rather helps you move swiftly even in heavy traffic and move towards your destination quicker. You will always be on time. Thirdly, bicycles are eco- friendly in nature. They do not release any harmful gases as they do not feed on the fuels like cars or other motor vehicles. Bonus reason, Cycling is a fun exercise and it helps you remain fit and has many health benefits, and more importantly helps you lose weight with ease. When cycling has so many benefits for the rider, I do not think it is wise for a rider to choose any other mode of commute.

It is time we shift from luxury to what the time demands from the society. We need to be responsible and Yulu has taken a step forward to fight all these issues responsibly. We have taken the initiative to help the citizens of the society and it is an appeal from our side that you should also help in the revolution that is taking place. Yulu provides cycles for rent at very cheap rates and makes commuting eco- friendly and fun at the same time. You can help the movement by subscribing to our idea and help bring about the change. So, waste no more time, scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and Pedal The Change.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Let us start by congratulating you on your decision of taking up cycling once again. Well, you will not regret going back to your good old pal who’s seen your scraped knees, shared you with the motorbikes and later lost you to the motorbikes. Cheers to your decision!

By now, all of us have been familiar with all the benefits cycling can add to our lives. It is no secret that cycling is one of the easiest ways of keeping one fit. But before we jump to the guiding part, it is important for our customers to understand why the guide is necessary for them for something as simple as cycling. The answer to the question is that it is more important to understand the science behind cycling, than the actual task of cycling because then you understand your cycle better and the entire process becomes quite easier. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to understand your bike, to build up your knowledge, confidence and fitness, so that you can hit the roads ASAP!

  • Let’s start with some research

It is quite important to have a clear understanding of the purpose behind getting back to cycling. Whether it is for commute purpose or for the sole purpose of keeping you fit or to enjoy your weekends with cycling as a leisure activity. Plan to ask a lot of questions to yourself, it will give you a clear idea as to your motive behind going back to your good old friend. It is not to say that it cannot be all of the above listed reasons, the more the better, for sure! Yulu bikes are high quality bikes with components and material frames that give you the best performance. It is wise to educate yourself on the kind of bikes you are going to use. To know more about Yulu bikes visit our website –

  • Brush up your cycling skills and Get comfortable with your bike

Now its time to brush up your cycling skills. Take the bike out for ides during the morning and/or evening when the hustle is less, with minimum chances to encounter any traffic. This is the ideal time to work on your biking skills. Understand the bike better, give some time to yourself to adapt to the shift that you’ve made, to see how you are going to tackle the obstacles on the roads. While you are in the adjusting phase, check the optimum saddle height by placing your heel on the pedal at its farthest away point, make sure to keep your leg straight. These are the basics that you need to brush upon.

  • Learning how to fix a puncture is necessary

If you are stuck in some road where there is no cycle fixing shop, the situation can be a difficult one. So, it is always safer to be self sufficient and learn how to fix punctures. You don’t want to be sitting with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. Learn how to fix tyres from some nearby bike shops or friends and keep practicing at home till you know it is easy. At Yulu, we always encourage our customers to be self-dependent and self-sufficient, so that they can save themselves the panic and frustration if they encounter any problem.

  • Encourage your friends too and join a cycling club

We are always willing to learn more when in a group because then the inhibitions are lesser. A good cycling club will welcome you with a friendly wheel to follow and they’ll always to be there to help you with all the technicalities, all your questions and also mechanical difficulties. They will give shape to your cycling experience. Show your willingness to learn and you are good to go.

  • Be yourself and confident on the roads

Lastly, trust yourself and be confident when you hit the roads with your Yulu bikes. Yulu always says “SAFETY FIRST!”, hence when you start, ride about few metres on the edge of the road to accustom yourself with the road and traffic and also the obstacles and it also encourages other riders to give you more room to ride. Respect your fellow drivers and they will respect you!

So, what are you waiting for! Get going with your Yulu bikes and prepare yourself to hit the roads! More power and shout out to all the cyclists on the roads.

Stay healthy with Yulu

Health, as a matter of fact, is not valued until sickness comes, and there are very few people who can deny this statement. We often tend to overlook our health and opt to engage in pleasures, like eating junk food, smoking and drinking alcohol more than usual, that end up being harmful for the body. The best solution to fight back these problems is to exercise, but we also do understand your difficulty to wake up early in the morning every other day and tire your body out doing exercises, when you could invest it in a good sleeping time. You might like the idea of exercising daily if there is fun involved, and so Yulu brings to you a fun way of staying healthy – Cycling. Cycling has a lot of health benefits and is recommended by many experts for a healthy and better lifestyle.

  1. Fight your obesity with ease: Nowadays, health and fitness are becoming top priorities for people, and for that, gym is not always the answer. Cycling helps you burn your fat and carbs and get rid of your obesity with much more ease.
  2. Helps deal with mental illness: Research has shown that majority of the population suffers from stress, be it work, studies or any other matter, which if increased may have severe impacts on your health and may even result in disorders. Cycling is one of the ideal tasks, which helps in relaxing your mind and a leisure activity at the same time. Sports, as a matter of fact, helps fight stress, but not everyone is capable of engaging in sports, thus making cycling a suitable choice.
  3. Prevents Cancer: Yes, cycling is also a precaution to protect yourself from cancer and it is cheaper than you can think of. Cycling regularly for thirty minutes or more can help in the regeneration of new cells and thus helps in preventing cancer. Research has shown that those who cycle regularly are less prone to cancer than people otherwise.
  4. Live Insulin free: Living life with restrictions and on the support of Insulin is definitely not fun. Diabetes increases the risk of various other diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease and so on. Cycling is very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes as it depletes the glucose in the cells from the physical exercise, thus enabling the cells to draw glucose from the blood and thus reducing the sugar level.
  5. Arthritis treatment: Cycling regularly has many benefits on the body and it definitely helps in preventing arthritis and in its treatment. Cycling works up your thighs and lower muscles. It is a low impact exercise that will benefit the joints.
  6. Preclude cardiovascular diseases: Cardiovascular diseases include heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Cycling regularly keeps your blood pressure in control and provides you with a better functioning respiratory system. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles and reduces your blood fat level.
  7. Strengthen your immunity: Cycling results in the production of essential proteins within your body which activates your lazy white blood cells, increasing the immunity of an individual.
  8. Increased energy levels: Cycling helps in increasing the body’s stamina and boosts the endurance capacity of an individual. The energy levels reach its peak by cycling on a daily basis for an hour or more.
  9. Gives a boost to brain power: Cycling helps in improved reflex and brain-muscle co-ordination. Pedaling increases the functioning of your grey matter and blood vessels in the brain which means more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  10. Helpful for pregnant women: Cycling helps the moms-to-be by alleviating their mood and also helps in labor and faster recovery.

As said by many famous personalities and even research has shown that obesity and health issues are highly prevalent among Indians, and it is high time that we fight back. Yulu is the weapon you can hold on to beat all these problems. Yulu provides bicycles at rent for very cheap rates to help you stay healthy. All you need to do is scan and rent a cycle using the Yulu app and Pedal The Change.

Road Safety for Cyclists

Despite so many traffic rules at its place, accidents on road are nothing new to speak of, and the numbers have always been rising since the beginning. One of the major reasons for this might be due to the number of cars and other motor vehicles on road. Well, to curb those issues, one can always turn to cycling as a mode of transportation for it will solve the problem of heavy congestion on roads and chances are that eventually the rate of accidents on road will go down. But, even the cyclists also need to be very careful especially with their four wheel counterpart on the road. You might have often heard in news or witnessed collisions between the cycles and the motor vehicles. The cyclists also needs to make sure to follow the following rules to ensure their safety on roads.

  1. Wear bright clothes: When you go cycling, it is always better if you wear bright clothes, even in the day hours, such that the other vehicles can easily spot you if you are on their way.
  2. Avoid Headphones: Wearing headphones is not a very safe option on the roads, especially if the roads are usually congested. You may fail to hear the horns behind you and that may lead to a collision.
  3. Signal your turns: While you are riding a bicycle, you must know that cycles are usually not equipped with the indicators in front and back. So, it is a safe option to always use your hand to signal before you take a turn. Look in front and back before taking a turn.
  4. Do not ride on sidewalk: Sidewalk is meant for the people to walk on, and not for any vehicles. The vehicles can have the entire road, and should not occupy the sidewalk, and the same applies for cycles. Chances of a collision become higher with the people walking if you ride on the sidewalks.
  5. Wear a helmet: No matter whether you are on a bike or a cycle, wearing a helmet is a must! The helmet will protect your head from injury in case of any collision or accident.
  6. Slow down at intersections: Whenever there is a crossing you should slow down your cycle and make your crossing carefully and follow the traffic signals. Even though you might be in a bicycle, the traffic rules still apply on you if you are riding a bicycle. It is for your safety. If you are unsure of your visibility, wave your arms and make a signal to indicate the turn you wish to take.
  7. Keep to your left: When you are riding a bicycle, try sticking to the left side of the road rather than occupying the center as that is where the heavy vehicles will pass. But also make sure that you do not hug the curb too much, leave yourself some space to steer into if necessary and most importantly, be visible.
  8. Ride defensively: Never take a chance while you are on the road and keep your eyes wide open on the roads and pay attention to the vehicles around you.
  9. Carry a light: Carry a torchlight with you or make sure your cycle has a headlight if you are planning to ride in the dark. You never know what obstacles may come in front of you, hence you might want to take precaution beforehand.
  10. Make eye contact: Make eye contact with the vehicles coming from in front when a potentially dangerous situation might ensue; be sure to be seen by them.

Cycling is a healthy, fun exercise and you should not take chances by being irresponsible with it on the street. To ride on motor vehicles, you need a license, but in the case of cycles, you need nothing of such sort, hence you need to be extra careful to keep yourself and others safe on the road. Yulu promotes the idea of cycling as the preferable mode of commute in times when the roads are heavily congested and the environment is in danger. Scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and Pedal The Change.

The Future of Smart Mobility – Highlights from the Young Turks Conclave

India is progressing at a steady rate and aims to become a smart nation in the near future. Every sector is being upgraded and the transportation sector has not been left behind. The movement has already begun, the changes are being implemented &  efforts are being made to make the way you commute ‘Smart’. The CNBC Young Turks Conclave conducted a session with renowned personalities from the mobility sector in India to discuss the future of Smart Mobility in this country, and the founder and CEO of Yulu, Amit Gupta was a member of the panel.

To begin with, the panel discussion focused on the reasons that our society requires Smart Mobility. The roads in big cities are congested and the air is polluted heavily which makes it difficult to breathe. In times like these, a ‘decisive set of moves’ should be taken, is what Amit Gupta iterated in the session. To start with, the panel addressed a common goal to make commute more affordable and reliable. With the inflated prices of vehicles and fuel, every individual is looking to find the mode of transportation which would be more convenient and affordable at the same time. As Amit Gupta pointed out, Yulu is aimed at making  commute affordable, convenient, and human effort driven.

In the panel discussion, all the panelists agreed to the need to build a multi-modal approach to transport. An individual has to make an average of six decisions regarding his daily mode of transport, and smart mobility would just ensure that all the rides are convenient and on time. From the first-mile to the last-mile commute, one knows that they would not be facing difficulty. This would also ensure better productivity and affordability.

Addressing the panel, Amit Gupta listed the challenges in the route to Smart Mobility. He pointed out that the country is still developing and the infrastructure is not developed enough to pay adequate attention to eco-friendly two wheelers. There are not many cycle lanes constructed yet for the safety of the cyclists. As the infrastructure of the city keeps on developing, the future of Smart Mobility comes nearer.  Amit highlighted that luxury is not sustainable anymore, taking into account the huge population and the congestion on roads. The sector is showing a major shift from ownership mobility to shared mobility. The future of mobility is going to be shared and electric, as cities are becoming unlivable and it would be hard to survive if more fuel was used for commute. Amit Gupta says that the transportation sector needs its ‘demonetization moment’ where the mode of transport completely changes to an eco-friendly alternative, as this would aid in conservation of the environment. Currently, there are too many personal cars on the road and there are various solutions to bring about the change to a shared mode of transportation majorly, but the sector needs to be organized first. Amit also addressed the common issue of the passengers that the regulations need to be simplified as the daily commuters face trouble with respect to the complexities in regulation. Government support is needed to help in the movement and also draft the policy framework which would serve as the backbone on which these investors and regulators would thrive on, and bring about Smart mobility within this nation sooner.  

Transportation is also becoming smart in terms of payment. Payment is now digitized for many service providers, with a reduced need for carrying cash-  once the journey is over, the amount would be deducted from your wallet balance

The true signs of development are not when a poor man can afford a private car, but when the rich man prefers to commute using the public mode of transport. This statement is true in every sense, and resonates with Yulu’s purpose. After all, the ‘Whatsapp moment’ in the transportation sector is nothing but a richer and smoother commuting experience. Yulu has established its vision in Bengaluru and Pune and is soon launching in Bhubaneswar. Join the initiative and help bring in the future of smart mobility by pedaling the change.

Cycling Checklist – A Guide on Cycling Attire & Safety Accessories

Cycling is a great mode of commute but when it comes to larger cities, cars and buses take up all the space and fuel. Promoting cycling as a major mode of commute in big cities would resolve this issue and help build a better and greener environment for everyone living in it. But before you begin with it, you have to make sure to get as many ticks as possible on this cycling checklist- as it is the ultimate guide to cycling attire and safety accessories that you may need on the road.

  1. Jersey: Wearing a long sleeved jersey is a very sensible option when you go cycling as it would help in keeping the sun off during summers and keep you warm during winters. Besides, it is more breathable with its moisture- wicking fabrics. You can accompany the jersey with bike shorts as ideal wear for cycling.
  2. Packable Raincoats: The unpredictable weather calls for some precaution and it is safe to have a packable raincoat at your disposal which you can wear to save yourself from the rain anytime while cycling.
  3. Hat and Sunglasses: It is always advisable to go cycling wearing your hat and sunglasses. They will protect you from the severe heat and keep your body temperature normal. You might want to carry water bottles with you as well to keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Gloves: If you plan to pedal for a long time, it is best you wear gloves as it would help avoid blisters, gives a stronger grip on the handle bars and protect your hands in case of a crash. It also keeps your hands warm for full control in the chilly weather.
  5. Helmet: You never know the future and you would want to be prepared in terms of safety from any kind of accident and the helmet will protect your head in those situations. It is never safe to ride without wearing a helmet.
  6. Puncture repair kit: When you are taking up cycling, be aware of the fact that punctures in the tyre is not a very rare incident. You must learn how to repair punctures. Carry a puncture repair kit with you. If possible, do carry a mini pump also, and fill your tyres with air whenever you need it.
  7. Lights: It is very essential to carry a torchlight with you or have any source of light at your disposal if you are going to cycle in the dark or the night hours. The lights will help you stay safe and keep you seen in the dark.

We have covered all the essential accessories and utilities you will need to get pedaling your way. If your travel distance is less and there are cycle repair shops on your way, you may skip the puncture repair kit and the mini pump, else do carry it with you. Yulu brings forward to you its initiative of making this country a greener place to live in and make the roads congestion free by promoting cycles as a mode of commute. All you’ve got to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and make sure you check all the boxes in the cycling checklist we have provided above, and Pedal the Change.

Here’s what Yuluites have to say!

Yulu has been in the market for a very long time and has enjoyed sharing the success with you people who have constantly rendered your support to bring about the much needed change in the society. We would not exactly say that we have accomplished all our goals we had promised of bringing in the society, but yes definitely have initiated the change and the Yuluites are the proof to our statement. Well, let us look into a few testimonials of a few of our Yuluites who have supported our cause and stood by us. Yulu has always believed in a greener and better environment for everyone in the society. One of the initiatives taken by Yulu was to reduce pollution that causes harm to nature and to promote an eco-friendly way of travelling. Another main issue that Yulu addressed is the need to free the roads of the heavy congestion in the big cities. It saves a lot of time for the travelers and also promotes a healthier mode of transportation for the travelers. Let us go through a few responses of the Yuluites.

Himanshu Shekhar wrote on Facebook about his experience with Yulu where he claims that it was a “great way to explore the city”. Well, very true indeed. If you wish to explore the beauty of a city, you may not do very well on cars and buses, but cycle really is the best option as you can make as many stops on your way and admire the magnificence of the city, taking all the time you need.

Sumit Sehrawat, wrote on Facebook about his adventure with Yulu. On his visit to Pune, he came across Yulu cycles parked at several locations and decided to give it a try, and guess what, alike most of the users, he too enjoyed his ride and also spoke on the ease to get going with the ride. As Sumit puts it, “The best part is just scan, ride and park anywhere.” We always look to make your rides smooth and more convenient.

Piyush Nair, another Yuluite wrote on Facebook of his ride with Yulu and to quote him it was an “amazing experience.” He travelled to Baiyappanahalli metro station using a Yulu bike and he claims that he reached his destination sooner than usual and he dodged all the unnecessary traffic on his way. Well, that is what Yulu is designed for. We aim to free you of the regular oppression of the traffic. Keep pedaling with us and make your journey more fun.

Umeshnrao on his Instagram profile wrote that he finds it the ‘best way to lose some weight, while waiting for someone’. Cycling, indeed, is a very good exercise to lose some calories and build a healthy body. If you cycle regularly for half an hour, you may notice the change in yourself soon enough given that you maintain a healthy diet. Best of luck @Umeshnrao on your amazing venture and hope we are of more use to you.

Atul Kumar Verma is another user who used our product and had all good words for us.  He commented on Facebook saying that it is a ‘pretty nice initiative’ and that it worked great for him. He also made a great point by saying that the success of the initiative depends completely on the users. The users should make the best of the services we provide and handle the bikes responsibly.

To promote a society where every individual can have his own vehicle for commute without having to wait or depend on anyone else is one of our motives and such a pleasure to be of help to you. We are here to make this world a better place to live in and provide our service in the transport sector. When travelling is getting difficult day by day, we are here to make short distance travelling easy and more fun. While we have brought to your doorstep our services, it is you have to engage with our initiative to make this country green and pollution free and more importantly free the roads of the heavy congestion on roads. All you need to do is just scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app.  While you take up cycling, share your awesome experiences with us and Pedal the Change.