Cycling regularly- It’s not as difficult as you think!

Cycling, as one may have noticed, is the new trend that has dawned upon this entire nation. The whole world is witnessing the rapid changes in weather conditions and these changes are definitely not good news. The advent of technology and new innovations in science has also resulted in the damage of environment and harming the nature. To solve all these issues, various countries have now been trying to adopt methods that could benefit the planet and in various fields.

One sector which needs special attention is the transportation sector. Fifty years back there were not as many cars and motor vehicles today. Now, there are more vehicles on road than the roads can accommodate and this has resulted in heavy congestion, long traffic queues and high pollution rates in the country. New Delhi and Mumbai were victims to high pollution rates and we have to act immediately if we have to stop other places also to falling prey to the pollution. One change that is put into practice recently is the mode of transportation being shifted from motor vehicles to cycles in big cities. The big cities are the hub of pollution and other environmental problems and the reforms are needed first in these cities. Cycling, if adopted by many, can solve this huge environmental crisis. The cycles neither run on fuels like petrol or diesel, nor do they emit any kind of harmful gases, hence it is very much eco-friendly and also at the same time eases the pressure on the depleting resources or the fuels. Cycling is the perfect solution as it helps you dodge the heavy traffic on your way as it does not take up a lot of space, and it is very easy to ride, all you need to learn is to balance between the wheels. With all these benefits, one may certainly ask the question that strikes in every other mind that, ‘Is cycling regularly easy?’

Initially, cycling might consume your energy a little more than what you would expect, but if you make it a habit to cycle regularly, it will be a piece of cake for you. It will then not feel very tiring, on the contrary makes you more energetic. You might have noticed that people who cycle regularly remain fitter. You can see the change for yourself if you take it up as a habit and make sure to cycle regularly for at least 30 minutes. Don’t start by cycling long distances or cycling for hours. Start riding short distances and eventually try expanding your radius and increase your time cycling. Cycling regularly also comes with a ton of health benefits like improving your daily blood circulation and also is one of the best exercises for your body. Cycling is best when it comes to micro mobility or travelling shorter distances; it saves you a ton of expenses which you might incur if you travel daily using the motor vehicles. Cycling is the most cost effective mode of commute in today’s date in the big cities.

You may think that these all just sound good in theory but in practice it is very difficult or as some might put it next to impossible. Well, as a matter of fact you would be amazed to know that in a few European cities like London, Copenhagen, Berlin, and many more, cycling is the set trend where people cycle to work regularly and prefer travelling across the cities in their cycles rather than mother vehicles. This has aided in keeping the pollution level in check and also at the same time taken care of the heavy congestion on roads. Yulu was amazed by this innovation and has decided to bring this technology to our country which is utter need of this measure. To attend the need of the hour, Yulu rents cycles at very cheap rates in Bengaluru and Pune. All one has to do is download the Yulu app, Scan and Rent a bicycle and get going towards their destination and Pedal the Change.

Cycling: An exercise for the mind & body

Cycling brings nostalgia. We all have childhood memories with cycling, when we went riding for the first time with our parents. The first fall, the first scratch while cycling, we remember it all. Over the years of growing up, we have lost touch with our best friend ‘cycle’ and we have also forgot the joy it brings to us. Not to forget the various health advantages it provides. So here we are reminding you of all the reasons why you should have a reunion with your long-lost friend once again and this time not to leave it.

  1. Cycling helps burn calories

Losing weight is as simple as just cycling to your work every day, without having to fix extra time for cycling alone. The equation remains the same, the number of calories taken in should be less than the calories out. And cycling burns calories; between 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on the intensity and the rider’s weight. Cycling is not a hefty task, one can enjoy cycling, the morning and the evening walks can be replaced with cycling apart from the small and long distances that can be covered by cycling. Eat well and cycle more, that’s the new mantra for losing weight.

  1. Cycling gets you a flamboyant body

We all are aware of the fact that cycling builds muscle and it builds good muscles. The fact that everyone misses out is the resistance element, which means it just doesn’t burn fat, it also builds muscle, particularly helps build up around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. With proper investment of time in cycling, you can build your muscles and get a nice toned body.

  1. Cycling improves lung health

People who ride bicycle are exposed to less dangerous fumes than those who travel by car. Surprising and contradictory to common sense, isn’t it? But a recent study proves it all. Kings College London and Camdel Council, collaborated for a study where air pollution detector was fitted to users of all types of vehicle and transportation. The study found that the cyclist won the whole game. So long story short, just not for exercising purposes, cycling actually helps you to keep your lung away from pollution related health issues.

  1. Cycling promotes greener environment

With the number of environmental issues, the whole world is facing, a small step can also prove to be very beneficial. That is exactly why we all should switch to cycling, for the sake of our environment, for the sake of our own health and for the future generations to come. Cycling will not only bring the present pollution percentage in the air down but will also help in controlling the production of dangerous fumes from the vehicles. It is like hitting two birds with a stone. Let us contribute our bit to the betterment of our environment.

  1. Cycling reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer

Cycling increases you heart rate and in turn increases the blood circulation in the body, just like what cardio does to you but cycling also keeps a check on your weight, it helps you cut down on your weight as well, as mentioned above.  Researchers studied over 260,000 individuals over the course of five years – and found that cycling to work can cut a rider’s risk of developing heart disease or cancer in half. We do not need any more proof, do we?

All said and done, the one go-to solution for all is cycling. So, we bring you, cycles to ride to work, to enjoy your weekends, to revive your memories. YULU is committed to its service, find a bicycle near you with the YULU app and cycle towards a better health and avail all the added advantages of cycling because perks are always good!

Think Smart. Act Smart. Live Smart.

In days when urban commute is majorly dependent on bikes, cars, and buses, we bring to you a revolution in transportation of which you can be a part of. The constant hassle, be it from work to home or anywhere is nothing new and we need a solution to such problems. India is becoming Smart and when your phones also have turned to being Smart, why not take the same initiative in transportation! Cycling to your destination is the new trend and it will benefit you in each and every way, and more importantly the environment on which we are so heavily dependent.

It is no news that the environment is in serious risk. In our country, already some of the major cities, like Delhi and Mumbai are suffering from high pollution rates and the situation does not seem to be getting any better for the rest of the major cities as well. At times like these, we need to take matters in our hands as individuals of the society and put forward an alternative lifestyle we could adapt to and save the environment. Going eco friendly in every sense is what is needed today and it is high time that we act upon it immediately especially in the transportation sector. The transportation in this country is majorly composed of vehicles that emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide into the environment and that makes the environment an unhealthy place to live. People, often these days tend to use bikes or cars for even short distance travel, contributing to pollution. As individuals we have to promote sustainable mobility and we have to capitalize on each and every opportunity available. In cases like micro mobility, the best method to commute is to cycle to your destination. It helps dodge the heavy traffic and congestion on roads and also saves a lot of time. Adding to that, it also saves a lot of expenses and most importantly benefits the environment. This is a solution that can ease the pressure on the fuels and if the method is implemented, it can result in the reduction of the prices of petrol and diesel in the long run. The appeal is to the individuals and the masses to give a thought and only then will be able to bring the change we need in the society. As far as mobility is concerned, travelling in cities like Bengaluru is no less than a horror show, taking into considering the haunting traffic and heavy congestion on roads, to which even the Google Maps tend to show that you can reach your destination faster by walking than driving. The traffic is caused majorly because of the huge spaces that the cars and buses cover up, whereas the cycles take up much less space and can smoothly travel between the gaps and dodge the congestion on roads.

Sustainable mobility is the idea that we have to bring into practice to make travelling smooth today. Considering the population hike, we can no longer stick just to cars and buses and expect that the price of fuels also remain the same or go down for a matter of fact, nor can we expect that the roads will be congestion free on its own. Yulu has been introduced in the market to battle these issues and serve as a solution to those travelling woes haunting the country. Yulu rents cycles at very cheap prices for daily commute and it is equipped with latest technology and it also makes sure that there is no harm caused to the environment, nor does it draw heavily from the remaining resources on the planet. Yulu promotes the idea of sustainable mobility within the city and have taken the initiative and all it requires is our support. Currently, Yulu serves Bangalore and Pune in India, and soon expects to spread its wings across the entire country. To avail our services, all you need to do is scan and rent a cycle using Yulu app and pedal the change for yourself and the society.

Transforming the Cities We Have into the Cities We Need

Today’s India needs a transformation from what it is to what we want it to be. From Abdul Kalam’s vision 2020 to Modi’s urban digital India, each one of us imagine and desire our country to be digitised, urbanised, safe, pollution free and many more. Like Gandhi said, “Real India resides in its villages” and today we are going back to the lifestyle that rural India has been living on all this while. Be it going back to organic and home-grown food, or daily practices, we are going back to our granny’s kitchen for a healthier diet, for skin care, etc. It is high time we start thinking about the pollution levels too. We are on our way of involving ourselves to the Rural, let’s go in all the way. In India, people ride around in motorbikes and cars all the time. Grab a cycle and make way through the rustic and royal plains of the cities of India. From the high-tech IT hubs of India to the historic cities, it is time to spread the wave of change all over the country. Not just that, you can even go cycling to places around just like you’ve been going on treks.

With Amit Gupta’s Yulu bringing the wave of change in the entire country, it is time we take this change forward to different cities and let people know how Yulu has changed their lifestyle and living. A pollution free city is not the only benefit, but cycling helps you maintain the balance of your body, refreshes your mind, burns fat and calories, keeps you fit. Cycling also helps to cure and prevent a lot of diseases. With cycling you can revive your childhood memories, spend a lot more time with your loved ones, enjoy weekends with your friends, stroll around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city you are in.

It is quite remarkable that we Indians have let our cities deteriorate the way they have. Policymakers and administration have to shoulder most of the blame, as also social norms, mindless modernisation, which swallows up heritage and shrinks public spaces, law and order, lack of facilities. There are few things that we need to pay attention to, to achieve what we are aspiring for.

  • India needs to co-opt and consult: Indian cities, have multiple stakeholders, ranging from officialdom, big business, institutions, general public, students, all shades of political opinion and religious leaders. Recognising that each group has a responsibility in improving conditions, creating platforms that bring people together and holding regular consultations, is necessary. This will reframe the civic environment. The re-settlement of street vendors in Solo is a case in point, where consulting the main stakeholders involved and arriving at solutions, defused a tense standoff into a major achievement. This will give space to everyone in the country and will lead to people broadening their vision.
  • India needs to restore the public spaces: Public spaces are shrinking across India, through a combination of neglect, encroachment and outright demolition to make way for commercial uses. Making these spaces spectacular, whether parks or monuments, through Public-Private partnerships, or through adoption programs using schools-businesses as axes, represent quick wins. With the increasing number of people opting for cycling, restoring public spaces will help the cyclists to enjoy the roads in a bit free manner.
  • Let’s celebrate our wins: We are slowly winning over pollution by opting for cycles over motorbikes and cars. We need to be very vocal about these changes and let people know how we are trying to find a long-term solution. We need to celebrate these small steps that we are taking towards a better tomorrow.
  • Galvanising the grassroots: Social media and youth offer a strong combination to catalyse change. The youth has whole heartedly switched to cycling and understood the need of the. Youth is the future of this country and they are taking the responsibility on themselves to make this country a better place to live, not just for its citizens but also for the people who visit the country.

Amit Gupta, with his young and energetic team, has taken the initiative to bring about the much-needed change in the country. Looking at today’s scenario where everyone is taking about digitisation and urbanisation, people have also understood the need to hold on to their roots and hence looking for opportunities to re-build the space. Yulu has brought a new way in which we can look at the infrastructure in a manner that was never been explored as an option before. After the remarkable success of cycling in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, India has taken the idea forward and applied the same techniques. Yulu has painted the roads of Bangalore and Pune in blue and now it is time to take it to other cities. With Yulu, cycle towards a better tomorrow, and be a part of the Yulu family. Cycling is the vehicle of tomorrow and Yulu is making it all the easier for people to switch to cycles with its exciting rates. We are bringing more and more Yulu bikes on roads to increase the availability for people.


EVs vs Motor Vehicles

Heavy traffic and congested roads are not a surprise anymore in metropolitans, and when it comes to Indian cities like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, it is a huge issue for the people and vehicles. A ten or twenty minute journey often turns out to be an hour long when faced with the traffic. It ends up draining your energy and putting you in a very bad mood. The pollution rate severely harms the society and the environment. The weather today is changing drastically and it is high time that we start taking measures to counter it. One of the most efficient ways to counter the problem would be to take measures in the mode of transportation. Transportation today consists of motor vehicles, i.e cars, buses or bikes. These motor vehicles cover the majority of the traffic and it is not surprising that from these vehicles, the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases is immense. The effect is very evidently seen in the frequent change of weather. The rising temperature is a proof of the fact that the living conditions on this planet are altering. Furthermore, motor vehicles incur a lot of expenditure. The petrol and diesel prices are steadily increasing and there hardly seems any scope for a drop any time soon. The same complaint exists in bus fares, prices of fuel and prices of vehicles. With prices going up the ladder, it becomes a headache for the citizens when it comes to commuting. Adding to all these, the traffic every day is a huge issue when it comes to the people going to office and students going to colleges and universities. You get up in the morning all energetic and then imagine being stuck on the roads for hours before you reach your destination!

There is one solution to all these problems – Electric Vehicles. Today in various parts of the world, electric vehicles are opted for transportation. But how would electric vehicles help? The answer is pretty simple. The electronic vehicles, as the name suggests, runs on charge and electricity. So you need not worry anymore about prices of or refilling  the tank with diesel or petrol. When it comes to traffic, the electronic vehicles are light and do not take up much space and they run smoothly. Hence, the answer to avoiding the traffic congestion on roads and helping you reach your destination on time. To top all that, it is free of gas emissions. It majorly requires electricity, and at times, manual power to run the vehicles. This comes as a huge boost when the conditions of the planet are considered.

The electric cycles and cars today are growing in numbers on the streets abroad to tackle the various transportation issues. It is high time that our country also takes up this mode of commute to help smoothen the way we travel. Yulu has taken the initiative in India to protect the country and make commute easier and fun rather than frustrating. It rents cycles at reduced rates to the public and hence promoting a greener and better environment. To support the cause, all you need to do is scan and rent a cycle using the Yulu app and pedal the change for a better and greener tomorrow.

Pedal the change.

Time spent commuting in metro cities

Time is undoubtedly the most precious thing in a human being’s life. There is a saying; “Time is Money”. So, it is clear that there is hardly anyone in the world who would want to willingly waste their time. In the fast paced world of today,  people find it difficult to find time for themselves. In a situation like this, imagine how frustrating it would be for people to waste it stuck in traffic. Working 8+ hours a day is not an easy task, and all you can think of by the end of it is going back to your place and relaxing- and being stuck in traffic for an hour or two does not help with that for sure. In metro cities, cars and buses are the major modes of daily commute to offices, schools and colleges. When there are hundreds of cars and buses on roads which can accommodate less than half the traffic that is on them, it is evident that they would be heavily congested. And to get to the destination in such heavily congested roads would definitely be a harrowing and time consuming task. One might be surprised to know the amount of time consumed in traffic in metro cities like Bengaluru or Pune. The daily average commute time increased by six percent this year owing to traffic and heavy congestion on roads. This means an approximate of two and half hours are wasted every month in traffic. That not only is frustrating but also affects work and productivity.

This also causes heavy pollution on roads and increases the daily cost incurred by commuters. Taking this problem up as a challenge, Yulu is here to provide you with an alternate solution that could help you and the society overall. The roads are filled with motor vehicles which move slowly and take up a lot of space. Taking up cycling or using any other eco vehicles to travel daily would save travelers a lot of time and that would definitely have a positive impact in their daily life and productivity at work. Saving money and time is equally important and we are always in search for an opportunity to commit to savings. But, as you might be aware, it is not that easy. The metro cities are where the most work happens and output is received, and if the metro cities are always congested and it takes up working hours from the employees, it would reduce the profit of the country. To make daily commute much smoother, we must take baby steps. To begin with, we must leave our home on time in order to avoid rush hour traffic. Secondly, instead of always opting for motor vehicles from home, try taking up the habit of cycling. It will not only get you through the traffic, but will also benefit your health and the environment, which is degrading rapidly. If the distance between your place of residence to your workplace is not much, cycling is a great option. Just pedal your way dodging all the barriers on your route. If the distance between your place and your work place is a lot, and if the ways are usually congested nearby, you can always opt to cycle a few kilometers and get a bus later, where the congestion on roads is not much.

Travelling to work should be something you look forward to, rather than something that frustrates and irritates you. To ensure that, Yulu has come up with cycles for your daily commute such that you travel on roads smoothly instead of being stagnant. Yulu provides cycles on rent for commuting from one place to another at very cheap and affordable rates compared to the expenditure on buses and cars. So all that is left is to scan and rent a cycle using the Yulu app and skip the traffic on roads. Pedal the change!

MOVE :: Global Mobility Summit – Bringing Ideas and Energy to Sustainable Mobility Models

The global auto and mobility industry gathered at the MOVE :: Global Mobility Summit at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 7th and 8th September. Hosted by NITI Aayog after extensive consultations with state committees and task forces from all parts of India. Chairmen/CEOs of Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, Daimler-Benz, Bosch, Mahindra, Ford, Tata Motors, Spicejet and host of other companies spoke and discussed many ideas and the way forward.

NITI Aayog setup various tracks of discussions to drive Mobility in India towards being CONNECTED, EMISSION FREE, EFFICIENT, ACCESSIBLE, SHARED, AFFORDABLE and INCLUSIVE

Many ideas around maximizing asset utilization and services, electrification and alternative fuels, reinventing public transport, goods transport and logistics and using data and analytics for improving transportation were discussed.  

Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi, who spoke about India being on the MOVE – its youth, its cities, its reforms and its economy, urged the gathering to further the “ease of living” through the mobility sector. He gave the gathering his mantra of 7 Cs for improving mobility –  Common, Connected, Convenient, Clean, Congestion-free, Charged and Cutting Edge.

The NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant assured the audience that all ideas will be followed up and converted to policies and implementation plans! He exhorted the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to create test beds in Nagpur and Pune and demonstrate showcases that can be replicated around the country.

Key takeaways from the Summit:

  • Personal transportation options – cars and two-wheelers with conventional fossil fuels are big polluters and are grossly under-utilized throughout the day – they are the major reason for pollution and congestion on the streets
  • Public Transport is key to improving Mobility – get cars off the road, can’t add roads infinitely!
  • All modes of clean transport should be provided – buses, three wheelers, two-wheelers, waterways-catamarans, metros, new solutions around electrified truck transport and hyperloops!
  • Solutions with all kinds of sustainable fuels should be supported – bio-ethanol, electric, hydrogen fuel, etc. Experiment and scale what succeeds
  • Create innovative models for electric charging stations and swappables – charging stations at 60,000+ petrol stations around the country
  • Smart Cities should support Non-Motorised Transport – walking, cycling
  • New business models for shared mobility, charging stations and PPP models for bus based transport should be devised to make them successful
  • EVs are not just about EV-Cars, but include eCycles, eScooters and eBuses!
  • Collect data from transport systems and use analytics to meet demand and improve services
  • Need for institutional models that manage multi-modal transport systems for a city/region and delivers comfortable connectivity that consumers need!
  • Create streetscapes in cities that support walking, cycling – mobility is key to ease of living

The event had participants gather in the evening at the surreal setting of the Humayun Tomb, world heritage site for a lovely musical evening and dinner. The evening event was world class – much better than many of the insipid dinners at various conferences in Las Vegas, Orlando, Cannes, Paris-Louvre, Singapore, etc.

Yulu is well on its way to implementing the vision and mission of the MOVE Summit – working on micro-mobility models, providing clean, charged (soon), convenient and connected solutions for the first and last mile to connect mass rapid transport systems with commuters. We are providing solutions in multiple cities to help people COMMUTE, run ERRANDS, Reduce EMISSIONS and stay FIT and HEALTHY!