Cycling through monsoon- Tips for Safe travel

If you’re someone who loves thrill, fun and adventure, you should consider cycling, especially with the monsoons right around the corner. Cycling is not just fun, but also an excellent way to lose some weight and a more comfortable means for short distance commute. The monsoons are here, and that should not be a reason to take a step back from cycling. Instead, you should gear up, get out and pedal to challenge the rains. While you’re at it, let us warn you that cycling in the rain is not as smooth and straightforward as it is in regular days. Let that not discourage you for we have the tips that will help you counter the problems of cycling in the rains.

  1.    Check the weather: Before you are all set to hit the streets, it is better to take a look and pay attention to the weather forecast for the day and then calculate the risk you might have to undertake if you cycle in heavy rain. It is better to avoid cycling if there is heavy rain in your area or the weather predictions say that you can expect heavy rainfall soon. 
  2.    Stick to familiar roads: Exploring new paths is always fun unless it is the time of rains. You never know when you get stuck or lost in your way towards exploration and to add to that the rains do not help the cause. So, it would be better to keep the explorer within you patient till the monsoon is done with for the year.
  3.    Keep your eyes open:  When you are in India, it is always necessary to keep your eyes wide open when you are on the streets and especially more because of the condition of roads in the monsoon season do not help your cause. You always need to look out for the potholes on the streets.
  4.    Have a firm grip on the brakes: When you cycle in the monsoon season it is necessary to keep in mind that the roads might be slippery due to the rains and it is always required to keep the pace in check. While you’re at it, always have a secure grip on the brakes for you will need it very often while you ride in the monsoon season and do remember to hold the brake a little earlier than you usually do as your cycles lose 30% of its braking power due to wet rims and brake pads.
  5.    Carry your raincoat: You might be riding your cycle in the cold weather but you can never trust the monsoon clouds that may bring down rain at any moment of the day. If you’re thinking about carrying an umbrella, we suggest you go for a raincoat instead, as it is very dangerous to use an umbrella while cycling at the same time and the umbrella might not give you much of a support especially with the winds that come along with the rains.
  6.    Be visible: It often happens that when you ride your cycles on the road while it is raining, you or the vehicles in front are not clearly visible to the cars at the back and that may lead to accidents. While the motor vehicles use the indicators, the cyclists need to be very cautious of being visible to the other vehicles and should try keeping to the left side of the road to avoid any form of danger.
  7.    Reduce tire pressure: When the roads are wet, which is most likely in the monsoons, it is very difficult to keep the tires stuck to the ground. The friction is very less between the tire and the tarmac, thus consider reducing the tire pressure a little, and that will give you a bit more control on your cycle and increase the lost traction and make cornering better.
  8.    Keep Safe distance from other cars: As said about the visibility factor in the rains it is always a safe option to keep a bit of distance from the other vehicles. Stick to your own lane, and you might want to avoid overtaking other vehicles especially taking into consideration of the condition of the roads in monsoon.
  9.    Take a buddy along: It is advisable to bring a friend along with you while you go cycling this monsoon. It ensures that there is someone to help you in case of emergencies and why not take a ride with a friend that makes the journey much more interesting.
  10.    Carry your wallet: You might want to carry some cash with you while you ride in the monsoon rains especially. You never know what kind of emergencies may get hold of you in the middle of the journey and the money comes in handy at such a point of time.

Well, follow these tips, and you are all set to go. Yulu provides cycles on rent at very affordable prices to help you reach your destination smoothly beating the rains with the tips mentioned above. Scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and pedal for fun this monsoon.

The most beautiful campuses in Pune and Bangalore

The benefits of cycling and its various uses are numerous. The pleasure derived from cycling is what everyone needs in today’s date. Everyone is busy with their own lives and it’s often too difficult for one to find space for oneself. It does not end there. The regular congestion on roads, the traffic, and the constant honking put your mood at stake. In times like these we suggest you take up cycling- for it really is the solution to all these problems. Cycling serves as one of the best options for short distance commute and helps you dodge traffic on your way and tackle a bad mood. Yulu has been introduced in the market for people who are health, environment and time conscious and the most beautiful campuses in Pune and Bangalore enjoy its services.


  • Adarsh Palm Retreat: Adarsh Palm Retreat is located in Bellandur, Bangalore. The tech Park in Sarjapur Road is home to many top multinational companies like Honeywell, Infosys, Wipro and many more. The tech park covers almost 15000 sq. ft. of land and to travel the entire distance by walking may turn out to be a bit tiring and taking a cab may turn out to be expensive. Cycling here serves as the ideal mode of commute.
  • Brigade Tech Park: Brigade Tech Park is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. This tech park is one of the biggest in Bangalore and hosts some reputed companies like Incadea, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd, LG CNS, IBS Software Services and many more. The distance between buildings is something around 100 meters and the huge tech park covers a lot of buildings. So if you wish to travel to the end of the tech park, cycling will be your best option.
  • Embassy Golf Links: Embassy Golf Links is situated in Domlur, Bangalore and it covers around 65 acres of land, hosting 21 buildings and more than a dozen companies, a five star hotel and many more amenities. This tech park covers a vast area of 4.5 million sq. ft. and holds more than 45k+ employees. So, when the tech park is huge, and the number of employees is also so high in number, you need a means of commute within the tech park that is cheap and helps you get to your destination easily- and that is where cycling comes in handy.
  • Cummins College: The Cummins’s College for Women is located in Kothrud, Pune and it is one of the largest college campuses covering a total land area of 11, 422 sp. ft. The distance between the buildings is around 200 meters and it is not very convenient to walk. cycling comes as a savior in these situations.
  • New India School: The New India School in Kothrud, Pune accounts for almost 3 lakh sq. ft. of land out of which the buildings cover 1 lakh sq. ft. of land. So, one can easily guess the need for cycles for travelling within the campus. The cycles also serve as a mode of commutate for students who wish to travel to their homes with their friends, having fun or taking a ride together.


These are just a few of the many places where Yulu has extended their wings by providing cycles on rent for commute. Yulu understands the need for cycles in today’s date and values the environment and thus, tries to shift to a more eco-friendly way of travelling. While we have taken the initiative of providing cycles at locations where they are needed, you have to subscribe to our ideas and try our services and see the change for yourself. Currently, we are located in Bangalore and Pune but soon plan on extending our services to all over India. Scan and rent a bicycle with Yulu and Pedal the Change!

5 Practical tips to Cycle in city during peak traffic

Cycling as you may be familiar is not a very used means of commute in the cities. People have their reasons for it, but you must be well versed with the fact that cycling is one of the best exercises for your body and makes travelling much more fun, exciting and unique than the other modes of commute. In short, let us assure you that cycling is the new trend! While you debate against yourself on the fact whether cycling is the ideal mode of transportation for short distance commute or not, if it can help you beat the heavy traffic or not, the answer is ‘yes’. It will help you beat the heavy congestion on the roads with ease and buy you a significant amount of time. We are here to provide you with 5 very practical tips you can use to cycle in the city during peak hours.


  • Be smooth: While it is true that cycling is fun and exciting, but it is very necessary to keep your adrenaline in check while you ride in roads with heavy congestion. Never forget your childhood lesson that slow and steady wins the race. While in traffic never rush, look for the gaps. Keep your pace in check and be steady to move into the gaps and cut the traffic and use your street smartness to create your escape route.


  • Do not wear headphones: The last thing you would want is to get involved in an accident in a heavy traffic jam. So to ensure that always be alert and keep eyes wide open to the surroundings. But most importantly, try avoiding wearing headphones while riding your bicycle. The headphones sure are the new trend and listening songs might relax you, but using a headphone while taking a ride definitely reduces your safety quotient on street. The noise cancellation device will put your life in danger if used while riding a bicycle by keeping you in shadow to all the vehicles around you. Noises are also necessary!
  • Know your location in the crowd: It is very important to be aware of the location you are in while riding and take note of the vehicles around you. Look out for the vehicles coming from behind, but at the same time you need to pay attention to the vehicles in front. Never take your eyes away from the indicators of the vehicles in front. Be sure of the route you want to travel and use your hand to indicate a change in direction you wish to undertake during a ride to the vehicles behind you. While you are on your ride, be smart enough to change lanes to move forward earlier and travel faster whenever you find sufficient space between vehicles.
  • Stay clear from the divider: Always be clever enough to ride on the left side of the road while travelling northwards. In areas of high congestion on roads, people always tend to get irritated and are in a hurry to leave as soon as possible and that often leads to reckless driving. The safest option is to keep to your left side of the road and travel and thus avoid the worry of the vehicle in front taking a sudden U-turn. Your safety is assured!
  • Cover your brakes: When there is heavy congestion on roads, it becomes pretty difficult for the vehicles to pass and as a result everyone will be in search for an opportunity or a gap to occupy. While you must use your street smartness to cover the gaps steadily in traffic and make your way forward, always use both your hands to cover the brakes. During peak traffic, you may need to make a move and immediately may need to stop again and again, and for the sake of safety it is always better to have a grip on the brakes and be clear of the doors of the vehicles being flung open suddenly.



Take note of all the above mentioned tips, and you are ready to face the challenge of cycling in a city. While you plan to take up the new trend of cycling for commutation, Yulu is here at your service to help you with your plans. Yulu provides cycles at very affordable rates to help you in your ride. Scan and rent cycles using the Yulu app and do not let the peak hours of traffic discourage you from taking up cycling as a mode of commutation.  

What the Eco Vehicle of the future will look like

With days passing by, there seems to be a steep rise in pollution causing severe harm to the environment. As a result of this, a shift in the way we look at transportation is imminent. The inclination today is towards eco friendly vehicles. As a result, progress calls for invention and innovation and the world of cycling has evolved a lot. Let us take a ride through the few best innovations that will compel you to take up cycling.


  • E-bikes: When you hear e-bikes, the first thing that strikes you might be that it is something related to motor bike or scooter, but actually they are pretty much same as the regular bicycles, with just a few additional electrical components. The electrical components are there, but the use is pretty much like that of a normal cycle, where the rider has to pedal and manage the handle of the cycle. The e-bikes come in handy when riding through hills or on inclined slopes.
  • Scoot Bikes: The hardest thing for a beginner is to learn to balance the cycle while riding and if the rider has mastered that, he has pretty much everything under control. The scoot bikes are invented to help learn balance in cycle. The design of the product is very intriguing. It is a scooter but with no pedals, chains or gears such that one may learn to balance easily and take up riding cycles early. This was especially designed for kids, but it comes as a huge boost for all kinds of beginners.
  • Snap on indicators: A lot of cyclists have gotten used to using head and rear lights on their cycles, but the snap on indicators have kind of taken riding cycles to another level. The design is pretty simple and interesting-an aluminium mount onto the end of your handlebars, and then magnetically ‘snap’ an amber light on to each end. Before you make a turn you tap the end of the relevant handlebar to turn your ‘indicator’ on, then tap it back off again after you’ve turned. This technology helps the riders feel safe while riding bicycles amongst all the other motor vehicles without having to be worried if the driver behind has taken note of your signal to take a change in direction.
  • Single convertible bikes:  There are many bicycles inventions that have been made over the years but this definitely is the one that seems striking to the consumers. Single convertible bikes are basically bicycles with more than one seat and that have more than one rider- where all the riders can pedal the same cycle at the same time. This can be the innovation that every couple has long waited for!
  • Turn signaling gloves: This is yet another invention that helps the cyclist ride safely on roads amongst busy vehicles that race to reach their destination. It often happens that in the dark while riding a bicycle, your hand signals go unnoticed- this may result in danger for the rider. These gloves are designed especially so that the hand signals are noticed by the riders behind. The back of each glove contains a waterproof array of high-intensity LEDs arranged to form a blinking directional arrow. The lights are activated by touching a pair of metal contacts together – one on the inside of the glove’s thumb, and one on the inside of its index finger.


These are just a few of the marvelous innovations or inventions that the cycling world has seen and the list is so huge that it would be difficult to sum up in a single list. These inventions are made with the sole intention of making cycling more fun and exciting. Yulu has taken the same initiative in India and works towards making cycle the primary means of short distance commute in India. Yulu has equipped the cycles with modern technology to track the them and digital locks to prevent them from being stolen. Yulu looks forward to equipping the cycles with further advanced technology for the benefit of the riders. So, while we make your cycle rides better and more innovative,  you can help the cause of promoting eco vehicles in our country that will benefit the environment. Try cycling with us- all you need to do is rent a cycle using our app and pedal the change.


Why Do You Yulu? Hear What Yuluites Have to Say

Yulu has been in the market for a few months and has enjoyed success with people who have rendered support consistently to bring about much-needed change in the society. We have initiated our mission to bring about the changes we needed in the nation and Yuluites are the proof of this statement. Let us look into some testimonials of a few of the many Yuluites who have supported our cause and stood by us.

RashmiYellamelli who used our product writes that

Trying the Yulu cycle. So these are environment friendly bicycles placed in all IT tech parks you should find them if you work in one guys. They are easy to use and eco-friendly.”

Well, we are grateful that you liked our innovation and hope you keep riding with us to promote an environment friendly society for all.


Rajeshojhak another cyclist achieved a marvelous feat and shared it with us.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Rode after a while and loved it. 32kms seems to be a good start.”

Well, what can we say except that we are amazed and congratulate on achieving this marvelous feat with us. Glad you liked our services and hope to see you achieving more tremendous feats with us.


Iemshub uses his instagram account to share his experience with Yulu.

“Keep moving in order to keep your balance!! #BachpanKeDin”

We are glad that you could relive your childhood memories with us and we hope to see more of you with us. Make sure to cycle on a regularly basis and enjoy pedaling with us.


Turontino writes about the benefits of Yulu.

Set out on my run this morning only to realize I ran off track and would have to do another 5 to get home. Thanks to #yulubikes I was home in 10 minutes.”

Great to be at your service and be of help to you in your times of need. We hope you liked your ride with us and our relation does not end just there.


Sanjit Kumar, a resident of Bengaluru shares his views on Yulu with us.

“YULU Cycle: A good initiative in Bangalore by Yulu #yulubikes #bangalore #pedalthechange”

We genuinely thank you for supporting our cause for the better future of the society we reside in and helping the movement by taking an initiative with us. We look to seeing more of you with us and hope you spread words of our initiative to the people around you.


Pratibha Shenoy writes on Instagram about her ride with Yulu.

“Smarter way of losing weight
Smart dock less bike sharing for new India. 
Yes you heard it right, Yulu Bikes are here with its greatest technology with a GPS enabled bikes. Locate, Ride and Park anywhere under the sky. Loved the concept @yulubikes”

Good to see that we could be at your service to help you in your exercise. We surely promote a healthier India and all we can say is keep going towards your goal while we will do all we can to help you achieve your motive towards fitness.


Sandeep Joice writes on Instagram

You don’t have to depend on anyone now. Try Yulu bike rentals from most common public places. Give it a try.”  

To promote a society where every individual can have his own vehicle for commute without having to wait or depend on anyone else is one of our motives and such a pleasure to be of help to you. Looking forward to serve you more in the future.


When travelling is becoming harder day by day, we are here to make short distance commutation more easy and fun. While you take up cycling, share your experiences with us and pedal the change.


Have you tried the Yulu Keep feature yet?

“Yulu is the India’s dockless and truly Smart Public Bike (bicycle) Sharing Service that is solving the first and last mile connectivity, and short distance commute problem in cities.”

The Yulu bikes are specially designed for Indian roads. They glide smoothly and meander through their path with a smart lock system integrated with a smartphone app. The special design gives the rider greater access and to a bike when they are in need of it. Yulu brings to you  its greatest hope to be able to provide affordable, safe, convenient and green mode of transportation where everyone can contribute to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, thereby creating a healthier and pollution free environment for ourselves as well as our future generations.

Yulu has set out with a vision to reduce the present traffic congestion by providing an affordable, scalable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. It is strongly believed that short commute mode can be made more affordable, efficient, convenient and GREEN, which will further ensure that the future generations have a healthy environment to live in. The idea is to replace the big and bulky personal vehicles with a smaller and compact form factor that does not require any fossil fuel thereby saving fuel as well. Yulu uses IoT technology to create a widespread network of shared dockless bicycles which can be rented conveniently by a user-friendly app in a pay per use business model. Yulu is a highly mission-driven company which is based out of India with a firm founding team and big but achievable ambitions. At Yulu it is believe that each and every single day is a mission and success is extremely sweet when it is achieved with fun and as a team. Yulu is for all those people out there who want to solve the problem of high route congestion, contribute their bit in reducing pollution and impact the society in a positive manner. Not to mention, cycling comes with the bonus of keeping you fit and healthy forever.

All said and done, after successfully running its first batch of bicycles on road with an impressive result, Yulu has now introduced Yulu Keep Feature’. Let us break this down to simpler terms for you. Yulu KEEP lets you commute after 6 pm to a destination and then back to a Yulu ZONE – basically from work to home and back to work in the next morning. Yulu KEEP starts only after 6pm and the user can unlock a bike under the KEEP feature by accepting all the terms and conditions in the app. Until KEEP is released, the bike is reserved for the normal Yulu usage to be rented by users any number of times. The feature is released from 6pm up to 6am next morning by which the user has to drop the bicycle to the nearest Zone and from 6 am to 9am next morning the rider can drop the bike anywhere – a ride is necessary. The user is fully responsible for theft or any damage to the bike until KEEP is released.

This is an interesting way to encourage people to use bicycle more than automobiles. Yulu is indeed set to make this place a better habitat for people and we cannot agree more! As they say at Yulu, it is time to #PedalAChange. What are you waiting for! Explore your route on Yulu bikes, pedal to your work place and dodge the traffic congestion and don’t forget to try the Yulu KEEP feature!

7 top cycling cities in the world

With the increasing number of people opting for bicycles as a means of transport in the country, it is only right to maintain this enthusiastic movement and encourage more and more people to join in. The return of bicycle has become the new series in action. All over the world, people are rediscovering the benefits of cycling. The officials of the cities are responding by building the needed infrastructure to serve and also to keep them safe. This new and much needed change to raise cycling levels and improve the quality of city life is the greatest movement in global urbanism. Of course, not all cities are moving at an equal pace. Some are marching ahead, while others lagging behind. It is unfair to expect equal responses from everywhere.

India is also responding to this movement in a very positive manner. The citizens have become very much responsible and understand the need to shift from heavy vehicles to bikes in order to make the cities better, people healthier, pollution lower and ultimately the planet happier. In order to keep up with the enthusiasm that our citizens have shown in cycling, we at Yulu have enlisted the top 7 cycling cities in the world to make you understand  what steps the cities across the globe are being taken by the officials in the favour of those who are riding bicycle for betterment.


  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Since 2015 alone, the City has completed the Havneringen / Harbour Ring bicycle route allowing its citizens to cycle along the whole inner harbour of the city. The council has piloted a new traffic light system that detects and prioritizes cyclists, launched digital traffic congestion signs to improve the flow through the city, and opened new bicycle superhighway routes for the riders. Now, 62 percent of residents ride a bike daily to work or education in the city—just nine percent drive. To sum up the entire scenario, there are very few places in the world that prioritize innovation as much as Copenhagen does, with the city council support to back it up totally.




  • Utrecht, Netherlands
    We are not used to seeing this name in the top on many lists, but lists like this one traditionally begins with names like this. Also this is one of the smaller cities on the list. Utrecht continues to impress the cycling enthusiast all around the world. The uniquely designed Dafne Schippersbrug Bridge is a fine example. The city’s ongoing plan is to build 33,000 bike parking spots at the Central Station by 2020 is another great example. The current 12,000 spots weren’t enough, says the official of the city.




  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam, like the other two cities mentioned above, has plans for quite impressive development and bicycle urbanisation projects, but they are bit lagging behind as compared to the others. For the benefits of its own residents, it has put bicycles in Municipal and political agendas. Its topographical conditions at times make it difficult to put ideas into



action but nevertheless the citizens show responsibility towards their place and still promote the use of bikes over any other vehicle.



  • Strasbourg, France
    Strasbourg is planning a coherent network of ‘bicycle superhighways’ with three major routes and several radial routes to connect the city with its suburbs and neighbouring towns. They are also planning on establishing bicycles as a form of transport equivalent to other public transport. Just like Utrecht and Amsterdam, Strasbourg’s primary challenge is to settle on some uniform infrastructure designs which run across the city. Upgrading its infrastructure to be intuitive and uniform is the perfect complement to its otherwise visionary bicycle urbanisation plans. Many cities are taking some serious initiatives towards cycling to establish it as a better form of public transport which makes them better cities for bike riders.




  • Malmö, Sweden
    Malmö, since 2015, has continued to work towards building the bicycle as a transport in the city. It is very thrilling to take notice of the opening of Cyklehuset or Bicycle House: an entire housing that accommodates bicycles throughout the building encourages car-free lifestyle. That is not all, this Swedish city is looking forward to upgrade its bicycle sharing by distributing cargo bikes from its central train station. A new bicycle ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen is set to strengthen bicycle tourism in the region. Most of these innovative initiatives are concentrated in the European region.  




  • Tokyo, Japan
    When we are talking about establishing bicycles as a means of transport, it is not possible to not talk about Tokyo. It is the city which brought cycling back to everyone’s notice. It was quite strange to see it falling out of the top 20 bicycle friendly cities in 2015. But Tokyo is back in the list and with the most impressive statistics. One fifth of the area’s 20 million rail commuters use cycle to reach the station. The tourist areas are loaded with bikes, but it is the neighbourhoods where the vast majority of locals live that makes you really understand why Japan is the world’s third great cycling nation, and Tokyo its crown jewel. The modal share quite easily hits 30% in most of the neighbourhoods. Bike parking stations are everywhere and impressive parking stations with all facilities are located near all the train stations.




  • Berlin, Germany
    Berlin is 2 spots up in the 2017 ranking. The city owes the credits to its activists who promoted cycling referendum, placing bikes on the city’s main agenda. Berlin is set to experiment with traffic-free streets and is also testing ‘green waves’ for the bike riders. The government is also implementing the plans outlined by the Cycling Referendum. The capital’s modal share has reached up to a respectable 13% but some neighbourhoods estimate this number to see as high as 20%. Hence, few new bike share system is slated for the year. What happens is yet to be seen. But it is also true, that the new Coalition government has started to focus on sustainable transport system and cycling is surely on the top!



These are the top 7 cities which have established cycling as a means/form of transport very seriously looking at the scenarios from the past few years. The government of these cities have equally supported the movement, and in places where the government wasn’t cooperating, they were made to cooperate because ultimately it is for the benefits of its citizens, their city and ultimately solves the problems of a lot of environmental challenges.  There are more cities which are progressing towards developing cycle lanes and other infrastructure to encourage its citizens to switch to cycling. Cities like Barcelona, Vienna, Paris are trying to squeeze in cycling infrastructure where it becomes quite problematic for the already set city design.

In comparison to all these pro-cycle cities and also countries, countries like India have just begun its movement. India can only be situated in the very initial stage of this development.  Yulu has set foot to make this movement visible in the global front. We at Yulu encourage all the young adults and working people to cycle to their workplace. It is not only required for your own betterment but also for the future generations. Take cues from the above listed cities and opt for cycling. Don’t worry we got your back, book a Yulu cycle and #PedalTheChange!