Cycling – A Fun Activity For Teenagers

Cycling has always found itself in the list of favorite sport as well as the most liked form of exercising. Cycling is an increasingly popular sport and leisure activity. It has lately gained a lot of popularity among teenagers and young adults. The reason being it serves a purpose beyond just being a sport, it has health benefits as well. Teenagers are very much competitive, they like to compete, and they like adventurous activities, activities that thrill them. Cycling can be performed competitively, whether racing against others or against yourself through a timed ride. Cycling with your partner through a park or mountain biking along with a group friends is a great way to blow off steam with others. We all know that cycling is a lot of fun. Exploring an urban area by bike, or whizzing through country lanes provides a great sense of freedom, control, and exhilaration. It’s the perfect form of exercise to awaken the senses, jolt the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

All the young adults and teenagers are working or have indulged themselves in some kind of work which liberates them. So, cycling proves to be of great help for their purpose of commutation. Cycling provides these things whilst also serving as a convenient, cost-free and environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Whether you’re commuting to work, riding around your home town or perhaps even cycling across continents, there’s no better way to experience and immerse yourself in the outside world. Cycling operates at an optimal speed. The potential range is high enough that you can move between places relatively efficiently, whilst experiencing enough new and diverse settings to keep things interesting. And yet, unlike in a car or bus, you’re going slow enough that you can observe and take pleasure in the scenery and people as you pass by, and ultimately feel a part of your surroundings.

The most powerful driving force behind teenagers opting for bicycles is that it is a great way to that money you earn, you get as your pocket-money. It does not require any fuel to work, it is a very low maintenance vehicle and even it requires your attention once in a while, you can very well give it a service at your home. It eliminates a lot of costs that might have been sitting on your shoulders if you own a motor vehicle. It might sound very far fetched but from a longer perspective, regular cycling will also keep your fit and help you save on the medical bills later. There’s simply no better way to get yourself fit than by powering your TV or video games console through cycling! (haha!) Perhaps best of all, once you’ve learned to ride a bike as a child, it’s a skill that you’ll never lose. Unlike most sports, it’s easy to pick up again after years of neglect. It’s also a form of exercise you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy in the later decades of life, as activities like running and weight lifting start to take their toll.

Keeping Safety In Mind While Cycling

There is a big population who is unaware of the safety rules for cycling. While there are plenty of traffic laws that cyclists are expected to obey when sharing the city streets with cars, buses, and pedestrians, there are a number of unspoken rules to follow that can keep you safe when you’re riding in the city. Cycle training on open roads presents dangers no matter how cautious you are. Traffic tends to be everywhere and most routes have plenty of blind spots. Cycle lanes are great when they have been positioned well, but not all car drivers seem to take notice of them.

  • Car doors are the most insidious hazard facing the city rider. Opening doors swing directly into the space that bikes occupy, and they’re difficult to anticipate. The only way to avoid getting doored is to assume that every single door in your path will open. Always leave a door-sized space when passing any stopped car—not just parked ones. If you’re forced to squeeze through the door zone, slow down to walking speed and look for warning signs: brake lights, taxi cab vacancy lights, and the side-to-side rocking of passengers getting ready to scoot out. While it would be nice if more drivers checked to see if a cyclist was coming before they swing open their door, the fact is that most drivers simply don’t think of it and it’s up to you to keep yourself safe.
  • The rules of the road have to be respected at all times. This means no jumping red lights or riding dangerously in general. This should be the same mindset when you are on two wheels.
  • Changing your cycling route to take you away from main roads and busy junctions will not only help you stay safer, but the ride will be more enjoyable and you will get more from it. You might also want to consider riding at times when roads are less busy such as early mornings.
  • A pedestrian’s natural instinct is to jump forward and away from trouble, rather than stopping and retreating. Riding your bike through the space behind pedestrians leaves no question as to who is yielding, whereas a risky game of chicken ensues if you try to shoot by ahead of them. While it can be scary to be a cyclist on a road full of cars, don’t forget that to a pedestrian, a bicycle is a fast-moving and sometimes dangerous vehicle that they have to share space with. Whenever possible, give space to pedestrians and be communicative when necessary to help keep everyone safe and on the right path.

If you’re a regular rider on city streets, it pays to know the unspoken rules of urban cycling. With these rules fresh in your mind, you’ll be able to make smart choices about where to ride, how to ride, and how to keep yourself safe every day in the big city.

Impact of fuel-powered vehicles on the environment

As of 2014, the carbon dioxide emission in India alone is 92,694 Kt. And this is just the amount of emissions from the gaseous fuel consumption alone. India currently ranks third in the list of major fuel consuming states in the world, right after the United States and China. And with constant improvement in the lifestyles of people, the number of motored vehicles is also increasing every single day, as the income of these families increases. Families comprising of just a few members own multiple motored vehicle. Most people still prefer traveling to work via their own vehicles rather than taking the public transport, adding to the carbon emissions. The result is the constant increase in carbon emission. The effect fuel-powered vehicles have on the environment are drastic and irreversible. And one of the most predominant ones is the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions from the motored vehicles. The overarching effect of such a drastic and dense increase in the levels of carbon in the environment is the major factor leading to a steep increase in global warming. The most discussed issue in the major summits around the globe is that of global warming.

The constant increase in the number of private vehicles is not only resulting into congestion on the roads, where it not only affects the commute time of the passengers but also increases the density of the pollutants in the air. This increase in dense gases is resulting in newer respiratory diseases, every single day. Between 15 to 20 million people in India suffer from Asthma, according to the WHO, and this increase in the pollution is not helping them get better any time soon. The constant increase in the number of fuel-powered vehicles is not only affecting the environment irrevocably but also affecting the health of people, degrading the quality and quantity of fresh air available for breathing. Apart from that the constant increase in the number of heavy motored vehicles is also creating huge commutation problems. The most used fuel in these vehicles is diesel, which is the unrefined fuel, having the impact quite larger than refined fuels. These effects of fuel-powered vehicles are the reason why major countries around the globe are rooting for different methods to contrive and control the outcomes. And one of the easiest and most sustainable methods is to use vehicles that have no emission at all. People around the globe are actually bringing back the old school, non-emissive mode of conveyance as a method to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, a method to reduce the congestion of traffic on road, a method to get back to fresher air to breathe and to improve health as well. A drastic change in the living conditions is imminent if the emissions are not checked. Cycling is a healthier, safer and better way of life for today and for tomorrow. And Yulu brings that life right at your doorstep.

Mindfulness and Cycling

Cycling has recently been on a surge as an activity to find peace, to find a space of your own, and most importantly to travel places far and deep beyond a motored vehicle can take you, without totally destroying the serenity of the place. Mindfulness, on the other hand, has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years as well. People talk about finding themselves, finding peace and happiness, finding meaning in the meaningless. This essence of finding oneself in activities seem trivial in nature but has an impact beyond comprehension. People have numerous stories of experiences, that are beautiful beyond explanation. They said to have found a feeling, a satisfaction, happiness, a missing piece of life, by indulging in these mindfulness activities. And among a lot of other activities which people have said to help them find peace, cycling has found its own place. There has been a rise of cycling enthusiasts all around the world. People have found cycling, as a way of helping them find their peace as they drove through different terrains. The whole body, being a part of the endeavor to drive the cycle ahead, brings about a certain amount of calmness in the person. As told by the cyclists themselves, their body moving in sync with the movement of the cycle, fills them with calmness and serenity.

It is not a new idea though. People have said that they found peace, calm and serenity in physical activity for a long time. And cycling being one of the most exhaustively physical activities in nature has been the one that people sought for a long time. And that is how, the idea of cycling is one of the major activities to find solace, emerged. And that is when the idea that cycling, rather than just a completely physical activity is also actually quite a mindful activity. The rider, ought to be in complete control of his body and his mind while riding the bicycle. While the legs pedal the bike ahead, the hands should always have a firm grip on the handle, maneuvering the cycle through the terrain; mind, body and the cycle all like a single unit. It is this unity of action, that people find their peace in. It is this maneuvering of the cycle, at the perfect speed, with perfect balance and precision, that people find mindfulness. And it is this essence of riding, breathing in fresh air, leaving behind least carbon footprint, letting the entire body to function as one to drive the cycle, feeling the terrain while the cycle travels forth, that cycling is now considered as one of the most predominant activities of mindfulness.

It is not unknown that the world is ever evolving, in terms of technology, economy and everything else. But an effort to contribute to keeping the environment the way it is while enjoying a ride and not compromise on the fun and find peace, Yulu might just be the best option available.

The Rise of Micro Mobility and What Lies Ahead in 2019

2018 was the year New Delhi was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons for its severely degraded air quality, and 14 of India’s cities made it to the list of the globe’s 20 most polluted cities. A large part of this problem stems from the ceaseless traffic that chokes our cities. Because infrastructural growth has not been able to keep pace with the rate at which vehicles are being added onto Indian roads, congestion levels in Kolkata and Bangalore stand at alarmingly high rates of 171% and 162% respectively, while Delhi is not far behind with congestion pegged at 129%. Precious man hours, money, the health of citizens and the future of mobility is at stake. We were convinced about the need for an intervention. We were passionate and committed to significantly improving urban mobility in Indian cities – and this dream powered Yulu!

Yulu started its operations in India in January 2018 and what a transformative year it has been! Yulu sought to solve for improved urban mobility, by improving last-mile connectivity. We are determined to influence user behaviour, and entice consumers to ditch their personal vehicles and on-demand cab facilities, in favour of using public transportation that they can get to using Yulu!  This problem is now being fought globally by innovative companies like Ofo and Mobike in China, and Lime & Bird in the USA.

Yulu has a simple, powerful proposition centred on micro-mobility. Use the Yulu app to find a shared, dockless vehicle near you, hop-on, ride and hop-off, for an affordable, fast, clean, environmentally-friendly, healthier alternative to being stuck in a traffic jam to and from the metro, bus station, work, home, school, or the gym.

Exhibit 1 – Yulu’s Journey Map in Bangalore

IoT, GPS and QR code-enabled technology make it a breeze to pay for your ride, and dockless means you can deposit the bicycle when you are done! Voila, you have begun solving the daily commute problem, one Yulu at a time.

While it was not all smooth-sailing 2018 taught us a lot. Micro-mobility was not just a buzzword for us. We learnt from the failures and successes of our peers, across the globe. We experimented, failed fast, fixed issues and reaffirmed our belief. Yulu is in it for the long haul, and along the way, we have succeeded in busting many myths. We have made breakthroughs and shut up our critics who doubted that we will be able to succeed in an execution-heavy business that requires a lot of support from external entities.

With over half a million app installs and a growing ecosystem of users powered sheerly by word of mouth, we are looking to continue expanding our fan base. In November 2018, 45% of our users took 2+ rides on the same day. This is proof that Yulu is changing the way people commute.

Exhibit 2 – Yulu’s loyal users expressing their views on the Social Media

This would not have been possible without the support of our investors, ecosystem partners, the government, loyal champions and early adopters like yourself! 2019 will be critical for us as we continue to innovate and influence user behaviour. We believe 2019 will be a transformative year for micro-mobility in India. We hope that you will motivate us to make progress every day towards our vision to transform urban mobility, one Yulu ride at a time.  

Join me in this New Year, as together, we will #PedalTheChange.

Is a healthy lifestyle a part of your New Year Resolutions?

2019 is already here, a new year, a new season with a whole new experience waiting for all of us. 2018 kept most of us motivated and brought a new wave in our lives with YULU. Bicycles almost changed most of our lives; we experienced a major shift from motor vehicles to bicycles. Though the wave was not new, the changes were and everyone welcomed these changes with open arms. And we are here to help you with everything that you need to know about staying fit, balanced, healthy and cycling!

Every one of us wants a healthier life, especially at the start of a new year. We always reflect on what happened and what went wrong during the past year. When it comes to our health, we can achieve a happier and more successful life by making new year resolutions. Admittedly this is not an easy task, as the human mind is not easily persuaded to change old habits and even your body will find difficulty in making the adjustments. But with a disciplined and determined approach, you can stick to your new year resolutions to be healthy.

  • Decide to be healthy. The battle always starts in your mind. You should resolve first in your head that you are committed to becoming healthy throughout the year.
  • Start cutting your food intake. Reducing your food intake will reduce your weight. One of the best ways to cut down on how much you eat is to simply reduce the size of your plate. Research has shown that serving meals on smaller plates will help you control overeating.
  • Consume foods with lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants strengthen your body’s defenses against free radicals that cause diseases. Some foods with high levels of antioxidants are citrus fruits, pomegranates, and coffee.
  • Reduce sodium consumption. Aside from aiding water retention, sodium can also raise your blood pressure. Processed foods are high in sodium, so read food labels closely to understand exactly what you’re putting into your body.
  • Stay active. One of the secrets of looking trim and terrific is keeping active. Whether you’re walking, jogging, doing light home physical exercises or a gym workout, the idea is to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Break that smoking habit. Medical studies have shown that smoking can be incredibly harmful to our health. Giving up the smokes can have a huge range of health benefits, so including quitting smoking in your new year resolutions is a great idea.
  • Exposure to sunlight. As many of us are all too aware, sun exposure can cause skin cancer, brown spots and even the appearance of wrinkles before their time. Protect your skin when going outside by wearing highly protective sunscreen, especially during the middle of the day.
  • Cycle every day to gain more energy, strengthen your bones and speed up your metabolism.

Include these in your daily routine and you are good to go!

Why Cycling Daily Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

2018 has been turbulent in many aspects and we hope that the year has brought nothing but happiness for you, but with the onset of 2019, it is that time of the year where we begin preparing our New Year’s Resolutions. We are sure that most of the resolutions in the previous years have not yet been completed for the majority and we also understand that in this fast-paced world, it is difficult to find the time and the will to complete your New Year resolutions throughout the year. The trend is that we make New Year resolutions and this year should be no different, but only this time, we will help you complete the New Year resolution with ease. The most common New Year resolutions are to lose weight or give time to your family members and the dear ones, not to procrastinate with the due work and remain healthy throughout the year. But with the amount of workload hanging over the head, we often tend to forget these goals we set for ourselves and recall them every New Year’s Eve. This recurring trend needs to stop and we are to make sure that by the dawn of 2020, you have a new set of resolutions for the New Year of 2020. For this year, let us focus on completing the pending resolutions, and guess what, cycling is the key to all your problems. Who knew Cycling was so beneficial?

  1. Lose Weight: One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose some weight and be fit, and it is exactly the opposite that happens all year around. Every New Year, a lot of people end up buying memberships to gym and fitness clubs and end up spending a lot, and to top that, the majority of the lot often give up not even halfway through it. So, it often turns out to be money down the drain. To all you people, you can lose carbs with ease by just cycling regularly for 30 minutes. Cycling is effortless and considered as one of the easiest and fun exercises.
  2. Cut down on expense: With the high inflation rates in this country, the entire population of this country would want to cut down on their expenses and cars and motorcycles are no way to do that. The rising prices of fuels like petrol and diesel speak for themselves. In times like these, cycling serves as the best alternative to the motor vehicles. It is eco- friendly and also at the same time runs independent of the fuels and hence, is very economical for your pockets.
  3. Spend more time with family and friends: Today, it is really difficult for many to find time for their own people being engaged with a lot of work in this steadily growing world. Cycling daily again benefits you to solve the crisis. Take a ride every morning with your friends and family and give them the time they deserve. Not just that, while you cycle regularly, you might also find more like you and you get to socialize more often. Making friends is easier than you think!
  4. Build a routine: Many of the New Year’s resolutions include building a routine that is supposed to be followed the entire year, but in the majority of cases, it does not run for even a month. The major reason for this procrastinating. A great way to stick to the routine is setting easier goals and getting into the habit of doing something on a regular basis, like cycling per se. And you don’t have to spare any extra time for that. You can just pedal your way to and fro work.
  5. Learn something new: It is always good to learn something new and so it often listens in many of the New Year’s resolutions. Well, this winter how about we give you something you can learn, like let’s say, taking caring of your cycle. If your cycle can help you strike off all the pending resolutions, you owe it one. Learn to take care of your equipment and your cycle. Clean it on a regular basis, wash the dirt from the cycle every week, and oil your cycle after regular intervals for its smooth functioning. Spending time on learning a new skill and fixing your own bike is great for your mental health and your wallet.

To help you get done with the pending resolutions this year Yulu has been introduced in the market. Yulu provides bicycles for rent at very cheap rates for you to strike off every remaining incomplete resolution. All you have got to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and embark upon this new journey with Yulu this New Year. We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Cycling For Older People- Things To Keep In Mind!

Most of us have come across the very popular saying ‘Age is just a number’, but how true is it. In reality, humans today hit their biological peak between the age of 20 to 35 and following that, the decline of the human body begins and various diseases start attacking. The heart problems, the various liver problems, depression, the bone and muscle structure begin declining and bothering and by the age of 55 to 60, the organs become weak, the immunity power becomes unable to resist or fight the battles within the human body. It is in times like these that the older people need to take care of their body the most. A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet will do the task and give your body the much-needed boost to stay active and fit. Cycling is one of the best exercises for ageing bodies. It helps the body’s cardiovascular system function efficiently and also keeps the heart healthy. Many would argue that running might do the task, but for the older people running for long might do more harm than benefit. Cycling, on the other hand, is a low impact sport and it reduces the strains on the joints. Studies even show that cycling regularly slows down the ageing process in humans. When there are so many benefits to cycling for the older people, it only makes sense that one should engage more in cycling regularly as they keep on ageing. But before the older people take to hit the roads with their cycles, it is necessary to keep in mind that the mobility becomes limited with age and hence, here are a few pointers they should be well aware of to keep themselves safe.

  1. Wear a helmet: No matter, where you ride, always wear a helmet when you peddle. It may so happen that you meet with an accident or so, the helmet will always protect your head in such cases. Never risk your life by being careless.
  2. Follow traffic rules: It is to be kept in mind that the traffic signals are applicable to every vehicle on road, including the bicycles. So never jump a signal or break traffic rules for it may put your life in danger.
  3. Protect your knees: The posture while you ride a bicycle is also important. If you look at yourself head- on while you ride, you should see a straight line from your shin to your thigh. When your knee rolls inward or pushes outward, the kneecap doesn’t glide smoothly. This could cause problems with your cartilage, especially if you’re dealing with inflammation. Sitting too close might cause you further problem. Keep your seat further back to improve your knee mobility.
  4. Try an electric bike: Make sure your bike is in good shape and not all rusty. If you want to catch up with the modern vehicles, offer a chance to electric bikes. As old age dawns, it becomes more and more difficult to put effort, and the electric bike comes to rescue at such times and provides you with the additional boost to move ahead with lesser effort. These bikes can even propel without pedalling. The electric bikes ensure that you are not all fatigued as you ride.
  5. Ride with friends: As one grows older, one requires the support of other people around. Hence, just take a bicycle and ride with your friends all around. This will ensure that you have a healthy body and the socialization will ensure your mental health is in check.
  6. Take it easy: Do not push your body for more than it can take. Choose a route that is less strenuous and the road that is smoother. Do not ignore any kind of pain while cycling. Start by cycling for shorter distances and once you feel comfortable, you can gradually increase your distance and speed.
  7. Balance Concerns: If you have balance concerns while riding a cycle, it is advisable not to straightaway head to the road. Take some time, and get used to riding a bicycle. Practice mounting and dismounting a bicycle and once you feel comfortable and confident hit the road. There always is the option of attaching an extra set of wheels to help you with your balance concerns.
  8. Take sufficient rest: As you grow old, the human body becomes weaker and requires rest. If you cycle hard for a few days constantly, consider taking a break and rest or a day or two. It will benefit your body tremendously. Also make sure that while you ride, if you feel dizzy or have any problem with sight, visit a doctor and stay away from the roads for the time being.

Whether you begin cycling today or have been cycling for years, do not assume that you have to quit cycling, just because you have aged. Rather, make it a reason to stay healthy and active and in fact, studies show that cycling is the ideal exercise for older people. If you feel that you are too old to buy a bicycle, Yulu is here for you. Yulu rents cycles at very cheap rates, all you have to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and beat your old age with ease.

Is Cycling In A Group Better Than Riding Solo?

Cycling is the new trend that has dawned upon today’s world and it is in fact, the need of the hour. While the present generation is running around to find themselves a spot in this capitalist economy, little attention is paid to one’s health and environment. Nowadays, it is very difficult to pay proper attention to oneself, and finding time for your dear ones becomes a real challenge. In such desperate times, it is necessary that we attend to all our needs efficiently by managing time and energy. It may be a small step, but cycling definitely comes out here as a solution that addresses some of these issues. Cycling has always been a very prominent mode of commute in India until cars and buses took over. The motor vehicles rule the roads now and in huge numbers have overshadowed the cycles. But recently the shift is being seen. Cycles are becoming more evident on the streets than before. The big cities like London, Berlin and many more all over the world have adopted cycling as a major mode of commutation within the city. India, however, is still jammed with motor vehicles on road. The number of cars and buses on the road seem to be more than the roads can even accommodate. As a result, trees are being slaughtered to make more space for roads, which further ends in causing severe climate changes and heavy pollution.

In big cities in this country, it is seen that the most preferred mode of transportation to and fro from work or other destination are buses and cars. Even for shorter distances, people opt for cars. This has caused a huge demand for motor vehicles which has further resulted in the huge number of motor vehicles on road. People ride solo on their journey often and this becomes one of the reasons for more vehicles on the road. This further results in huge traffic jams and tremendous pollution. This is one of the major concerns today and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Cycling serves as a better option that helps curb these problems and also promotes a better and healthy environment. Cycles take up much lesser space compared to cars and buses and also avoids the long queues of vehicles stuck in the traffic jam. This finally ends up in causing immense frustration for the passenger. Cycles here comes as the perfect alternative that we need. Instead of being frustrated, stuck in the traffic, one may choose a suitable company and take a ride that would give them an experience of a lifetime. Cycles are the most efficient means of transportation when it comes to commuting smoothly in the dense traffic zones. This is not the only issue from riding solo. The huge number of cars on the road due to riding solo results in high pollution rates that affect the living conditions in the city drastically. Cycles, on the other hand, run in an eco- friendly manner, causing almost no pollution, and makes the world a better place to live in.

Cycling, also, as a matter of fact, is the best means to explore a city. If you wish to explore a city with your mates, we doubt that there is any better vehicle to support you than cycles. With cycles, you can ride to every corner of the city and also travel through the lanes which are hard to pass by in cars. Cycles give you a clear advantage here and give another reason why you should choose cycling overriding solo. Most importantly, cycles are more pocket-friendly than any other vehicle. Riding solo almost empties your pocket, whereas on the other hand, pedalling to your destination with your friends seems to be more fun and economic at the same time.

With so many reasons at hand, we doubt if there is any decision wiser than preferring to pedal with friends than ride solo. The cities in this country are progressing and growing change, and the transportation sector also needs the same. To enable this shift in the manner of commute, we have designed a solution that would address your concerns as well as the environmental issues at hand. Yulu provides bicycles for rent at very cheap rates. All you have got to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and Pedal the Change in society.

The Benefits of Cycling for Women

Cycling is both rejuvenating and enjoyable, with or without mates. But when you have friends to go cycling with, it helps you a lot. It becomes a platform to meet with people, to socialise more, to communicate better, and also to exchange and discuss ideas. It helps you grow as a person. Cycling not only ensures your fitness but also takes care of your mind as well. Cycling outdoors lets you breathe in fresh air and helps you to refresh yourself. It helps to increase the friend circle as well as lets you meet people with similar interests. Here are 5 tips for women to reason out why it is beneficial to add cycling to their daily schedule:

  • For your good heart:

Riding a bike is an excellent way to strengthen your heart muscles. It is undoubtedly beneficial for the heart. As you ride, you will be using nearly all the muscles in your body. The two most obvious muscles are your heart and your thighs. Other muscles include calves, core, shoulders, forearms, neck, and back (not to mention hamstrings). Bicycling also helps you to maintain your blood pressure.

  • Protection Against Breast Cancer:

The National Cancer Institute reports that “many studies show that physically active women have a lower risk of breast cancer than inactive women; in a 2013 meta-analysis of 31 prospective studies, the average breast cancer risk reduction associated with physical activity was 12%. Physical activity has been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women; however, the evidence for an association is stronger for postmenopausal breast cancer. Women who increase their physical activity after menopause may also have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who do not.”

  • Helps you get a good amount of Vitamin D:

Biking does not directly provide you with vitamin D but going out with bicycles does! To elaborate on this point, let’s talk about Vitamin D., the most reliable source says that “perhaps the most vital [functions of Vitamin D] are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.”

  • Prevents the stress on joints:

Are you recovering from an injury? Are you timid about getting hurt in the first place? Trusted Natural Health reported that Andy Clarke, the president of the League of American Bicyclists says, “Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking for a cross-training option or hoping to preserve your knees to run the New York Marathon when you are 85, cycling gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without pounding your joints.” In other words, bicycling offers the best of both worlds: you can exercise your body without, subsequently, punishing it.

  • Benefits of cycling during pregnancy:

It’s a fact that exercising while you’re pregnant keeps you fit and prepared for childbirth. If you want to exercise on your bicycle while pregnant, do it. Talk to your doctor at your first appointment, letting them know exactly how much cycling you’re doing now and how much you’d like to continue to go through your pregnancy. If you have chosen to continue cycling through your pregnancy, there are a few things you will need to be aware of. 

These were our tips for our ladies to motivate them and help them continue with their cycling. Other than the common benefits of cycling, these were the few benefits which are exclusive to women when we talk about cycling. We hope you’ll implement these in your life and give yourself the room that you need.