Redefining Sustainable Mobility in India

While the entire world is getting urbanized at a tremendous speed, Sustainable mobility is a major topic of discussion today. With each passing day, innovations are being made to make transportation easier and achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable mobility. The reasons why we need to redefine sustainable mobility and work towards that goal is because the present roads are heavily congested, the pollution rate is increasing and causing tremendous harm to nature and let’s not forget the heavy consumption of fuels like petroleum and diesel. This causes inflation in the market and has a drastic effect on the economy.

To address these issues at hand, it is high time that we redefine sustainable mobility. While the modes of commute are heavily tilted in favor of buses and cars, we need to move away from them and adopt eco- friendly modes of travel. Cycles and e-scooters are the best alternatives that we would suggest that would help attain the goal of sustainable mobility. The benefits are multifold. With the innovation of e- scooter, sustainable mobility is one step closer today. In metropolitan cities, it is often seen that even for shorter distances, people tend to prefer cars or buses for their commute that results in heavy congestion on roads and waiting in queues for a longer period of time. Cycles and e-scooters can solve this problem with ease. For short distances, instead of cars, cycles help in having a smoother journey. Cycling takes a bit of your stamina, but that would not be a problem given the benefit of commuting with ease from the source point to the destination. And if that’s an issue, e-scooters will help you glide through the roads without feeling tired at all. While cars and buses pollute the air with fumes and burn a hole in your pocket, you will reduce the expenses you incur on your daily travel with microlight vehicles. EVs help in keeping the environment cleaner and healthier and do not run on any kind of fuels, thus, they help in reducing your carbon footprint. With rapid motorization in the urban locations to satiate the needs of the booming population, many cars and buses end up occupying the road. Sustainable mobility can be achieved by just substituting them with micro light vehicles and will make the roads congestion free and one can easily escape the horror of high congestion. Well, this is what redefining sustainable mobility is all about. With each innovation, we need to update the way we commute.

While cars might give you the luxury compared to cycles and scooters, these light vehicles give you the benefit of good health and a smarter mode of commute. Yulu believes in sustainable mobility and we are living our vision. Live the future with Yulu by joining hands in our initiative to make the world a better place.

Incorporating cycling as a family activity

Family is indeed the single most important thing in an individual’s life. We work and toil as hard as possible to bring the best comforts for the family, but the irony lies in the fact that while we work so hard for the family we fail to find time to spend with family and enjoy their company. It is understandable considering in this fast-paced world, you always have to be in the race to move ahead, but that often results in the family being neglected and you spending lesser of family time. Well, we are here to provide you with the best option that you cannot refuse that will help you keep moving ahead in the world and also allow you to spend quality time with your family. Yes, we are talking about cycling as the ideal option here.

Cycling is a great way for the family to bond with each other outdoors and make exercise fun for all. Learning how to keep your children’s foot on the right pedal is always energy well spent. Remember that with family, cycling is not about covering more distance or speeding on the road, but rather the time spent together in each other’s company. The goal is to have fun even if requires you take more stops and snacks for your ride. For older kids, bike riding may just be a way to have fun, but for the younger kids, cycling is a way to prepare them for the roads and teach them to become independent. Do choose roads with flat terrain and take your family cycling. There is no joy greater than teaching your children how to cycle and being a role model for them. You and your family get to work on their fitness as well as have fun at the same time. While you incorporate cycling as a family activity always remember to carry a first aid kit for the family. You never know when you might need it during the ride. Always follow the traffic rules no matter what. You can always teach your child traffic rules by following them yourself when you take your ride with them. Explore the various lanes in the city with your family and make your rides as much fun as possible, such that they become eager to take more rides with you. You may always include a treat for the ride to make the ride more enjoyable and want them longing for more. While you have fun, always make sure that you have your eyes on the road and always look out for the potholes, curbs and broken glass that often are found on the roads.

Everyone needs a bit of family time and we understand how difficult it becomes to adjust the schedule and make a tie for everyone in your life. Yulu is no stranger to the problems of a common man and hence brings to cycles for rent at cheap rates such that you can have a splendid time with your family and make sure that you and they remain fit. All you need to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and pedal your way with your family.


How to get back to cycling after a leg injury

Cycling is not only a means to have fun but also one of the best means to exercise. Cycling, like swimming, benefits your body a lot and you indeed experience a lot of fun riding and getting fit. But cycling often becomes an unwanted nightmare for those who sustain any form of injury, especially leg injury. Cycling needs your mind and leg to coordinate simultaneously and the injury makes that difficult and hence it becomes really difficult to pedal like before sustaining injury. But there is no reason to worry as we are here to provide you with a guideline that will help you ride your bicycles and have as much fun you had before sustaining the injury. After recovering from the injury, be it a week or a month or a year, the feeling can be immense, but you need to be careful in managing it in the best way.

  • After a break from cycling, the body will have lost the top end speed in you and the endurance will also decline steadily after two or more weeks. But what is lost can be regained. Do not push yourself too hard and start by riding for shorter distances.
  • Be careful in setting your goals early. Do not give yourself false hopes that may cause the relapse of the injury. Be calm and composed and ride regularly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Consider cross-training to maintain basic aerobic fitness before you hop on to your bicycle and begin your ride. Swimming is one such exercise that will help you recover your fitness faster.
  • Make sure that your leg injury has not caused any imbalance between the injured leg and the other. If you feel so, the gym is always a place where you can recover the balance between the two legs with some leg exercises.
  • If you are returning from an injury caused by an accident, it may be a bit traumatic for you to begin cycling on congested roads. Start again from the basic by training for a few days in playgrounds and then take your ride to the roads. The psychology of the rider should never be undermined.
  • Once you have eased into cycling after recovering from injury, you can start adding a bit of tempo to your rides every week by increasing the distance of travel or the time or the intensity.
  • If at any point of time you feel that you are reliving the pain in the injured leg or the injured leg shows any kind of symptoms like swelling or any other kind, immediately reduce your intensity and visit a doctor at the earliest and consult a doctor. After all, you can easily push your recovery date behind by pushing through the pain at the wrong time.

Cycling is as fun as it sounds. It is after all one of the very few exercises that relaxes your mind and improves your muscle coordination and reflexes. Sustaining an injury is normal. We understand that it becomes really difficult to resist yourselves from cycling, but you need to understand that it is necessary to avoid relapse. So just hold back for a few weeks on your intensity and ride with joy. Yulu brings to you the joy of cycling by providing cycles for rent at cheap rates and hopes that no injury stops you from enjoying this beautiful sport.

How To Minimize Muscle Tension While Cycling

Cycling is not really as hard as one thinks it is, and definitely not easy too. It requires a bit of effort from the rider. After all, it is a form of exercise that helps you stay fit and healthy at all times no matter what. Instead of wasting thousands on gyms, you may get similar benefits by just cycling regularly for 30 mins or an hour at maximum. While there is a huge list of benefits, it is necessary to mention that when cycling for long may lead to some muscle tension. It is completely normal and nothing to worry about. But here, we are to provide you with solutions that will help you minimize the muscle tension while cycling.

One of the major reasons for muscle tension is muscle fatigue. When you tend to push yourself to pedal harder and for a longer period of time, the strain might cause muscle fatigue and hence leading to muscle tension. This can be easily avoided by pacing yourself on a regular basis. If you are a beginner and start with a longer duration of pedaling, the chances are high that you have muscle tension, while on the other hand if you tend to begin with cycling for a shorter duration and steadily raise your bar, you can easily minimize the muscle tension while cycling. There are more solutions to the muscle tension problem. It has often been seen that people ride at a stretch for long, but to minimize tension in the muscles, it is ideal to do a few stretches before getting on the bike. The importance of stretching for a cyclist should never be underestimated. A bit of stretching exercise will minimize the muscle tension and help you pedal for long with ease. One of the main reasons for muscle tensions during cycling is also dehydration or hyperhydration. The solution is pretty simple. You might like to take a protein bar for your ride or you may also have sodium in your sports drink. That relaxes your muscles and keeps you going for good. Well, you should not be drinking too much water before or during your ride, because that reduces the sodium content in your blood leading to muscle tension. So make sure that you intake the right food and drink during or before your ride. To add one more to this list, with age the chances of having muscle tension also rises, and that is pretty normal. The best solution is to not rush into things and slow down a little if you feel fatigued. Take a break and then continue with your ride. If the muscle tension becomes severe and does not allow you to ride, all you need to do is pause your ride and stretch the affected muscle. That would solve the problem and help you go ahead with the cycling.

The key to minimizing muscle tension is not to force yourself or pressurize yourself into riding for longer durations. Cycling is a fun and healthy exercise rather. Yulu provides you with a range of cycles for rent at cheap rates to help you solve your commuting woes. All you need to do is scan and rent a cycle using the Yulu app and say goodbye to your muscle worries.


Cycling For Busy Office Goers

The traffic every day is a huge mess, no doubt and we are sure that it is the last thing you want to encounter along with a busy day in the office. We understand how it feels to be in a hurry when you have a lot of work pending at your workplace, and you end up in huge traffic queues, which kills your time and harms your productivity for the day. May we offer you an ideal solution for all the traveling woes you have. The best alternative is to take up cycling as a mode to commute to and fro work daily. It really is not as hard as you think. Allow us to enlighten you with the advantages of cycling to the office daily.

One of the huge benefits of cycling is that it helps you escape the heavy traffic and helps you reach your office to make it in time for your work schedules. You need not lag behind the cars and buses stuck in traffic. Cycles take up very little space and can easily pass even in the most congested roads. So, if you are looking to reach your office on time, cycling is definitely the best option. That is not all. One of the major advantages of cycling is that it relaxes you. The busy office goers are often in a hurry and the worry of running late always bothers them. Hence, cycling relaxes your muscles and brightens your mood which helps you have a fresh start to your day in office. The busy office goers often end up taking cars or buses for their daily travel and end up stuck in the traffic for a longer time, and not just that, they also end up spending a lot of money on travel to work as a result. On the other hand, the expense you incur on cycling to work on a daily basis is almost negligible and you can even reach your work ahead of time if you are familiar with the lanes. Make yourself familiar with the shortcuts in the city between your home and workplace and take the lanes which you can easily penetrate using a bicycle, and commute with ease without having to worry about the horrendous traffic or the expenses in traveling. The bonus you receive on commuting on bicycles regularly is that it takes care of your fitness and also promotes a healthy environment and saves fuels. The list goes on and on.

Who would’ve thought that bicycling helps enhance your daily productivity in the office! With the rising population, there are more vehicles on the road than it can take. This results in congestion on roads. The potholes and the poor conditions of the roads do not help either. They slow down the vehicles and if you are in a hurry to go to work, it is a big negative.

To take care of your worries, Yulu has come forward with an initiative that rents out cycles at a cheap cost such that you can reach your office on time and get going with your day.

Cycling – A Fun Activity For Teenagers

Cycling has always found itself in the list of favorite sport as well as the most liked form of exercising. Cycling is an increasingly popular sport and leisure activity. It has lately gained a lot of popularity among teenagers and young adults. The reason being it serves a purpose beyond just being a sport, it has health benefits as well. Teenagers are very much competitive, they like to compete, and they like adventurous activities, activities that thrill them. Cycling can be performed competitively, whether racing against others or against yourself through a timed ride. Cycling with your partner through a park or mountain biking along with a group friends is a great way to blow off steam with others. We all know that cycling is a lot of fun. Exploring an urban area by bike, or whizzing through country lanes provides a great sense of freedom, control, and exhilaration. It’s the perfect form of exercise to awaken the senses, jolt the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

All the young adults and teenagers are working or have indulged themselves in some kind of work which liberates them. So, cycling proves to be of great help for their purpose of commutation. Cycling provides these things whilst also serving as a convenient, cost-free and environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Whether you’re commuting to work, riding around your home town or perhaps even cycling across continents, there’s no better way to experience and immerse yourself in the outside world. Cycling operates at an optimal speed. The potential range is high enough that you can move between places relatively efficiently, whilst experiencing enough new and diverse settings to keep things interesting. And yet, unlike in a car or bus, you’re going slow enough that you can observe and take pleasure in the scenery and people as you pass by, and ultimately feel a part of your surroundings.

The most powerful driving force behind teenagers opting for bicycles is that it is a great way to that money you earn, you get as your pocket-money. It does not require any fuel to work, it is a very low maintenance vehicle and even it requires your attention once in a while, you can very well give it a service at your home. It eliminates a lot of costs that might have been sitting on your shoulders if you own a motor vehicle. It might sound very far fetched but from a longer perspective, regular cycling will also keep your fit and help you save on the medical bills later. There’s simply no better way to get yourself fit than by powering your TV or video games console through cycling! (haha!) Perhaps best of all, once you’ve learned to ride a bike as a child, it’s a skill that you’ll never lose. Unlike most sports, it’s easy to pick up again after years of neglect. It’s also a form of exercise you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy in the later decades of life, as activities like running and weight lifting start to take their toll.

Keeping Safety In Mind While Cycling

There is a big population who is unaware of the safety rules for cycling. While there are plenty of traffic laws that cyclists are expected to obey when sharing the city streets with cars, buses, and pedestrians, there are a number of unspoken rules to follow that can keep you safe when you’re riding in the city. Cycle training on open roads presents dangers no matter how cautious you are. Traffic tends to be everywhere and most routes have plenty of blind spots. Cycle lanes are great when they have been positioned well, but not all car drivers seem to take notice of them.

  • Car doors are the most insidious hazard facing the city rider. Opening doors swing directly into the space that bikes occupy, and they’re difficult to anticipate. The only way to avoid getting doored is to assume that every single door in your path will open. Always leave a door-sized space when passing any stopped car—not just parked ones. If you’re forced to squeeze through the door zone, slow down to walking speed and look for warning signs: brake lights, taxi cab vacancy lights, and the side-to-side rocking of passengers getting ready to scoot out. While it would be nice if more drivers checked to see if a cyclist was coming before they swing open their door, the fact is that most drivers simply don’t think of it and it’s up to you to keep yourself safe.
  • The rules of the road have to be respected at all times. This means no jumping red lights or riding dangerously in general. This should be the same mindset when you are on two wheels.
  • Changing your cycling route to take you away from main roads and busy junctions will not only help you stay safer, but the ride will be more enjoyable and you will get more from it. You might also want to consider riding at times when roads are less busy such as early mornings.
  • A pedestrian’s natural instinct is to jump forward and away from trouble, rather than stopping and retreating. Riding your bike through the space behind pedestrians leaves no question as to who is yielding, whereas a risky game of chicken ensues if you try to shoot by ahead of them. While it can be scary to be a cyclist on a road full of cars, don’t forget that to a pedestrian, a bicycle is a fast-moving and sometimes dangerous vehicle that they have to share space with. Whenever possible, give space to pedestrians and be communicative when necessary to help keep everyone safe and on the right path.

If you’re a regular rider on city streets, it pays to know the unspoken rules of urban cycling. With these rules fresh in your mind, you’ll be able to make smart choices about where to ride, how to ride, and how to keep yourself safe every day in the big city.