MOVE :: Global Mobility Summit – Bringing Ideas and Energy to Sustainable Mobility Models

The global auto and mobility industry gathered at the MOVE :: Global Mobility Summit at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 7th and 8th September. Hosted by NITI Aayog after extensive consultations with state committees and task forces from all parts of India. Chairmen/CEOs of Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, Daimler-Benz, Bosch, Mahindra, Ford, Tata Motors, Spicejet and host of other companies spoke and discussed many ideas and the way forward.

NITI Aayog setup various tracks of discussions to drive Mobility in India towards being CONNECTED, EMISSION FREE, EFFICIENT, ACCESSIBLE, SHARED, AFFORDABLE and INCLUSIVE

Many ideas around maximizing asset utilization and services, electrification and alternative fuels, reinventing public transport, goods transport and logistics and using data and analytics for improving transportation were discussed.  

Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi, who spoke about India being on the MOVE – its youth, its cities, its reforms and its economy, urged the gathering to further the “ease of living” through the mobility sector. He gave the gathering his mantra of 7 Cs for improving mobility –  Common, Connected, Convenient, Clean, Congestion-free, Charged and Cutting Edge.

The NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant assured the audience that all ideas will be followed up and converted to policies and implementation plans! He exhorted the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to create test beds in Nagpur and Pune and demonstrate showcases that can be replicated around the country.

Key takeaways from the Summit:

  • Personal transportation options – cars and two-wheelers with conventional fossil fuels are big polluters and are grossly under-utilized throughout the day – they are the major reason for pollution and congestion on the streets
  • Public Transport is key to improving Mobility – get cars off the road, can’t add roads infinitely!
  • All modes of clean transport should be provided – buses, three wheelers, two-wheelers, waterways-catamarans, metros, new solutions around electrified truck transport and hyperloops!
  • Solutions with all kinds of sustainable fuels should be supported – bio-ethanol, electric, hydrogen fuel, etc. Experiment and scale what succeeds
  • Create innovative models for electric charging stations and swappables – charging stations at 60,000+ petrol stations around the country
  • Smart Cities should support Non-Motorised Transport – walking, cycling
  • New business models for shared mobility, charging stations and PPP models for bus based transport should be devised to make them successful
  • EVs are not just about EV-Cars, but include eCycles, eScooters and eBuses!
  • Collect data from transport systems and use analytics to meet demand and improve services
  • Need for institutional models that manage multi-modal transport systems for a city/region and delivers comfortable connectivity that consumers need!
  • Create streetscapes in cities that support walking, cycling – mobility is key to ease of living

The event had participants gather in the evening at the surreal setting of the Humayun Tomb, world heritage site for a lovely musical evening and dinner. The evening event was world class – much better than many of the insipid dinners at various conferences in Las Vegas, Orlando, Cannes, Paris-Louvre, Singapore, etc.

Yulu is well on its way to implementing the vision and mission of the MOVE Summit – working on micro-mobility models, providing clean, charged (soon), convenient and connected solutions for the first and last mile to connect mass rapid transport systems with commuters. We are providing solutions in multiple cities to help people COMMUTE, run ERRANDS, Reduce EMISSIONS and stay FIT and HEALTHY!

Where in Pune can I find a Yulu?

Pune is a vibrant city and also emerging as a tech hub. With quite a lot of universities, there is a big population of students and young adults in the city. The booming population is increasing the load on the roads with traffic jams and congestion. To avoid those this, we bring to you Yulu-  with the help of which you can book our bikes and dodge the traffic. This is especially helpful for students and young adults, who cannot afford to get late under any circumstances.

The areas that are covered by Yulu are major parts of Nanded, Pune Okayama Friendship Park, Hadapsar, Empress Botanical Garden, etc. These are the regions which are inhabited by a large chunk of the population, and where the traffic is bad. Yulu bikes will result in free flowing of the traffic, as the bicycles will reduce the number of heavy vehicles on road. Also it will help people to take other routes too, which could not have been navigated with heavy or bulky vehicles.

The Yulu family is growing in this city with the help of our beloved customers. Not only are we looking forward to expanding our map, we are also looking forward to increasing the number of bicycles available on roads. The more the number of bikes, the less will be the traffic. The regions that are currently not under our map will be soon covered. The regions under our map are developing at an evidently faster pace than many of the others, which is why we made sure to make our bicycles available for the betterment of the people in the neighbourhood. It is very beneficial for the students as they can commute with bicycles and the parents will also not have to worry about their safety. Yulu bikes can be tracked and parents can actually use the tracker to see if their children have reached their destination safely on not.

The city is big and so are our dreams of making commute easier for people. With the major parts of the city covered, people can find Yulu in just few minutes, it’s just a click away. We will soon paint the roads of the city blue with our bicycles when the bicycles will outnumber the heavy and bulky vehicles. We are working everyday with the very same vision and mission to give you a wider network coverage area and better service. We will very soon be widening our reach and the people from the other parts of the city will also be able to enjoy our services and save themselves the trouble of traffic congestion and a consequent unnecessary delay in their work. With Yulu, do your part in contributing to the change for the betterment of the environment.

3 Changes that can make Bangalore more bike friendly

The Garden city is one of the most beautiful in the country, with people from all over the country staying here and enjoying the pleasant climate throughout the year. It all seems good, until the point that we speak of the traffic- the horrendous traffic! There was a time when Garden city and IT firms were the synonyms to Bangalore, but for Bengaluru, it has become heavy traffic and road congestion. The city serves as a home to one of the most congested roadways in the country today. This degradation does not bring a good name to the city and as citizens. It is our duty to bring back the previous glory the city held. Well, to begin with we have to start by addressing the main issue that is behind the huge traffic congestion on roads and results in the city getting polluted regularly. One of the major issues is that the number of vehicles on road are much more than that can be accommodated, and the numbers do not seem to be reducing. One of the best alternatives to this problem is to bring in the habit of commute within the city by cycling. But while we promote cycling within the city, we should also prepare the city for the cause and develop the infrastructure that helps in cycling in the city. Let us take a look at how can we make the city more bike friendly.


  • Cycle lanes: Creation of cycle lanes within the city will definitely promote cycling on road. There are myths associated with cycling that it is not very safe for the cyclists to ride on roads and that stops many from taking up cycling. Well, the creation of cycle lanes would put that issue to rest. It will help in the smooth movement of the cyclists and provide them a feeling of safety at the same time. Cycle lanes have already been laid down in many countries in the west like Denmark, Germany, and England and so on. It is high time we bring that to India and promote the bike culture in the country.  
  • Incentives for Cycling: We, as citizens often do not do anything unless we see something good coming out of that deed. It is true that cycling takes a bit more effort from your side in travelling compared to motor vehicles, but on the positive note, think of the traffic in the city and how easily you could dodge the traffic by cycling. You could save a lot of time for yourself and invest in other priorities. On another note, the expenditure on motor vehicles is almost four times that of using a cycle for commute.
  • Vehicle free zones: In cities like Berlin, Germany, cycling is a very eminent in their culture and one of the reasons for it is that they care for nature and take steps for its preservation. They have created vehicle free zones and are also planning on expanding the policy in the coming years. The city of Bangalore is heavily congested and this calls for an urgent requirement of creating vehicle free zones and if required even vehicle free days in the city. This will definitely help in keeping a check on the pollution levels and congestion on roads and promote people to take up cycling and that indeed will do the society a greater good. While Bangalore takes baby steps to promote cycling on a large scale within the city, these measures can also be thought of for the sake of a better tomorrow.


Bangalore is called as the garden city, but as days pass by, we see more and more trees falling down and being replaced by the tall buildings for the sake of development. We have seen the changes in the climate of Delhi owing to the pollution and we are scared for this city and wish not to bring upon the same fate on this beautiful place. Yulu believes that cycling benefits everyone, be it in terms of health, economics or the nature. Yulu brings forward cycles in the markets where the congestion on roads are maximum and thus provide an alternative to the citizens for commute. While Yulu has taken the initiative to shield the city from pollution and congestion, it is the responsibility of the citizens of this city also to lend a hand and join the movement. All you have got to do is rent a cycle using the Yulu app and scan the code on the cycle and get going towards a better tomorrow by pedaling the change.

Why Millenials are the most Earth- friendly generation ever!

We are surely aware that you are familiar with the term Millennials, and if not allow us to explain. Well, Millennials are just the people born in between early 1980s to 2000. It basically is anyone who spends their young adulthood in the twenty first century. This is one of the special generations for it is very well aware of the surroundings, care for the planet and is well versed with the history. This generation has seen and heard it all and lives in a world dominated by technology and craves for peace. Before the Millenials there was the great world wars which had wiped away a huge population from the face of the Earth with its latest weaponry and technologies.

The world has progressed since then heavily and with time has brought various technologies and issues that poses a serious threat to the planet and all its people. A few of them to mention are overpopulation, global warming, and a numerous other problem. The youth today are well aware of the various impacts of their actions which could cause any harm to the nature and make sure to take steps that can help humanity survive in ease. At grass root level the problem lies in the fact that the planet is overpopulated. From this stems the issues like depletion of the finite resources left in the planet and global warming. To beat these issues, humans first come up with the use of CNG for vehicles instead of petrol and diesel which was depleting steadily. The vehicles ran on Compressed Natural gas and this benefitted the society and it still does, but it still does not solve the heavy crisis. The youth are becoming more and more aware of the situation and very well know that if action is not taken immediately there would not be much resources left for the next generation to follow. It is not just the resources. One of the major problem resulting from the vehicles today is pollution. Bulks of carbon dioxide emitted from the vehicles regularly pollute the atmosphere of the planet and cause severe damage to the society and the air we breathe in. For instance, we can see how the city of Delhi has been affected by huge amounts of Carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere from the vehicles resulting in air pollution at such a rate that it has become unfit for the people to breathe in that air. People cannot walk freely in the city in the open air without masks, afraid that it would deteriorate their health. And it is fair to say that if every citizen does not take action, every city will face the same action. The number of cars today on the roads seem to be more than what the roads can accommodate. This pressure has resulted in huge sufferings for the planet.

The humans have always learnt from their mistakes and so have they now. To tackle the situations and ease the pressure on roads, we can always shift back to bicycling for commuting instead of vehicles that feed on the resources heavily. Bicycles are very eco- friendly as they do not consume the resources that could cause harm to the nature, rather they help save resources on the other hand. It does not emit any harmful gases while riding nor does it cause pollution of any kind. An ideal replacement we might say for short distance commutation. All it requires is a bit of human effort to ride and pedal towards your destination. Cycling even saves you loads of time by freeing you from the regular traffic woes. It is very light and can easily dodge the heavy traffic in the cities. To help the cause the cities have begun allotting cycle lanes for the cyclists to travel without worrying about accidents and can travel smoothly without being stuck. You may just imagine that how beneficial is the same to the planet if we just adopt the practices and adopt an environment friendly method of travelling which is available at the disposal.

Yulu is here in the market to support the cause understanding the worries and the demands of the Millenials and hence came forward with a technology that allows the people to commute regularly on bicycle at very cheap costs. Thus pocket friendly and at the same time eco- friendly, the kind of math the Millenials like. Yulu aims for a day where we do not consume heavily on the resources for travel depleting them at once, rather adopt practices that can benefit the Mother Earth. To support the cause, begin today. All you need to do is open the Yulu app and rent a bicycle. Scan the code and pedal your way towards a better tomorrow. After all, it is the Millenials who have to take the initiative to pedal the change.

3 Myths about cycling that need to go away

Cycling can be said to be the most fun exercise of all. Taking a ride on your bicycle across the street on a fine evening- nothing gets better this! There are always other options to stay healthy and fit, but very few that make straining your body fun. There are several myths associated with cycling and that has always been the barrier for many to take up the sport. Let’s have a look at some of these myths. We have heard rumours taking rounds that cycling is essentially for men or you have to shave your legs before taking up cycling, or else if you’re hurt you may end up not having hair on the wounded area. Guess what, these are nothing more than myths. We are here to bust the top myths associated with cycling.


  • You have to be super fit: One of the most common myths associated with cycling is that it is essentially meant for super fit people. Well, let us inform you that it is nothing more than a myth. If anything, cycling is meant for everyone, irrespective of their fitness level. Even young kids cycle, isn’t it? Cycling helps burn calories very quick and helps you keep track of your fitness level and improve your muscle strength. So do not worry about this myth and keep pedaling your way.
  • Commitment Issues: If anyone has ever said that if you cannot commit to cycling regularly, it is not for you, it is not the complete truth. It is very untrue to say that cycling requires all your commitment and that too on a regular basis if you are going to use it as a medium to work out and lose some calories and stay fit. Definitely, cycling regularly helps your body remain fit, but in this fast paced world, it is not possible for everyone to commit to cycling regularly for the sake of fitness. In such cases, allow us to inform you that it is not mandatory to cycle every day to remain fit. It is an option you may avail if you wish. But even two or three days of cycling every week does the trick. All you have to do is ride twice or thrice a week for 30 to 40 minutes, and soon enough, you will be able to see the difference for yourself. Do not let commitment issues stop you from taking up cycling.


  1. Cycling is very expensive: This is one of the most circulated statements related to cycling. We would just like to say that cycles are, if anything, very cheap and inexpensive compared to other vehicles. You may have to spend a lot of money on buying motor cycles or half a million in buying cars, but cycles will cost you less than one fourth of the money you would be spending on buying a motorcycle. You need not even opt for the option of buying a bicycle but rather avail the options of sharing bike rides which makes your daily rides way cheaper. One may take a bus or a car or motorcycle to work regularly, and let us assure you that cycling will cost you even less than one fourth of the expenditure you invest on your daily rides.  We hope this is no longer the reason that stops you from taking rides on a bicycle but rather makes you consider the option of cycling regularly.

Well, that is not all. There are several more myths which are associated with cycling. To name a few, we may say that cycling is not very safe on roads or cyclists should only use cycle lanes for cycling, cyclists do not pay road tax and many more. But let us assure you that these are nothing more just myths. We hope that we have cleared you of all the doubts and queries regarding to cycling and broken the myths associated with this fun activity such that you may not be restricted by these obstacles. Shed all your worries and remember cycling is for everyone irrespective of what job you do or how fit you are. Yulu has brought forward a bike sharing initiative in the city to promote cycling and a better environment for everyone and help commute in the cities become smoother.  Do not waste any more time, sign up for Yulu- scan and rent a bicycle using our app and shatter all the myths you have heard related to cycling.


How Much money can you save in a month with Yulu

In 2018, we may definitely feel the pressure of financial burden on us and it is very likely that it is not going to be solved anytime soon. The monetary issues always wander right around the corner for the majority of the people in the economy, but the major worry for most of the citizens is the fact that they are unable to ward off unwanted expenditure. One such expenditure is travelling. Travelling in this country cannot be considered to be very cheap and the situations such as hike in petrol and diesel prices also clearly indicate that the travelling fare is very likely to keep on rising upwards. The fares for the journey have almost become double where else the income seems to have not risen at the same rate for the majority of people and expenditure also does not likely help the cause of the citizens in the country.

In such times of distress we need to look out for ways through which we cut down on expenditure and help contribute to the savings. How about we provide you such an opportunity for you to cut down your travelling expenses? Yes, a huge amount of money is spent regularly for travelling from one place to another. The cheapest mode of transportation for daily commute might be bus in most cases, but we are well aware how overcrowded those buses can be and hence making your journey very uncomfortable and make you face several difficulties like not finding a seat for the whole journey, getting your feet stamped on in the bus, getting pickpocketed and many other such problems. Yulu understands your problems and has brought at your service smart dockless technology that helps in your daily commutation. Yulu provides cycles on rent at cheaper rates than your daily modes of commutation, as low as Rs. 10 for your rides.

Yulu is suggested to the commuters as it would make journey more comfortable for the commuters and also help in saving a lot of money for them. Yulu thus becomes the ideal choice for short distance commutation. The country people have at their disposal the services of Uber and Ola, and the companies definitely provide very good deals for the riders but Yulu is simply better. Allow me to show you how Yulu gets the better of Ola and uber in terms of services and fare. Uber and Ola both provide auto services in the city of Bengaluru, they also provide cab services that can be rented individually or the ride can be shared. In the city of Bengaluru, most of the people engage in short distance commutation regularly. People prefer Uber/ Ola for their daily travel over the bus because of the traffic and the hurry and it also provides a more comfortable journey by charging a bit more than what the buses might. The citizens often book Ola Prime or Uber Go rides majorly, if they are in a hurry and need to reach their destination faster than usual. Well, the rides offer the citizens that benefit but the charges go very high almost ten times the bus fare. That’s not all. The journey may be quicker but I could not say that it had the capability of beating traffic that easily. To help the price cause, both Ola and Uber provide share rides for the passengers where the fare for the journey would be cut short but the passengers will need to share the ride with other passengers. In this case, you have to book your rides accepting the fact that you never know how long will it take for you to reach your destination and how many passengers are going to accompany you in the journey and if services will be provided to other passengers earlier or not. The rate for the share rides begin from as low as Rs.39 for Uber and an almost similar rate for Ola. Then at your disposal, Ola and Uber have begun providing auto services to the people in the city. The autos definitely move quicker and can skip traffic better than the cars. The Ola and Uber auto fares start from Rs. 25 as the base price and keeps on rising steadily. Ola and uber auto rides are not always available at your disposal either. The autos often deny you service and there is nothing one can do about it but lodge a complaint with Ola and Uber and as citizens we never realize if and what actions are taken to benefit the people.

Here, Yulu has managed to better all of the problems. Yulu is independent of drivers and it is meant for solo journey, which is to say that only one person per cycle. So there is no need to share the ride with anyone else and you can ride at your own leisure. The journey also is very cheap and even beats the bus services in the city when it comes to fare. The rates are as low as Rs. 10 per ride and which if used regularly for commutation twice a day amounts to Rs. 20 a day compared to Ola and Uber which could not provide services cheaper than Rs. 50 if both side journeys are to be considered, to and fro from the destination. This definitely helps in savings and if calculated, the savings in travel almost amount to Rs. 600 per month. That is a good start one can undertake if he/ she is willing to save more.

Yulu helps cut down on the travel expenditure on daily basis, but that is a start for many people. They have to make adjustments and save more to keep their savings keep growing. Well, Yulu does not help in adjustments but rather provides an alternative which is more exciting and fun compared to the services of Ola and uber. Travelling by bicycles not only helps you cut down on your expenditure but also helps you reach your destination quicker by skipping the traffic easily. So, just grab a helmet, rent a Yulu and get going on your way towards saving more! #Pedal the change.

3 Tips to get the best out of Yulu

Yulu has brought revolutionary changes in the biking scenario of our very own Bengaluru. The city is now flooded with bikers riding their favourite ‘blue’ bikes to anywhere and everywhere. The roads are being painted blue with the large numbers of Yulu bikes running in the city and we cannot be prouder! Not only did our bikes benefit the riders but our happy riders are also making sure that the bikes are taken care of. We are very much thankful to all our rider friends. Having said that, we bring to you the 3 tips to get the best out of your favourite riding partner, Yulu.


  • Book a Yulu from the metro station to your office

The last mile connectivity is another problem faced by many people during the rush hours on the roads or even otherwise. The last one kilometre from the metro station to your office has the potential to even ruin your day because well, we all know how the traffic in Bengaluru functions plus it also makes it quite difficult for the pedestrians to walk on the road. So here we present you with the ultimate solution to your last mile connectivity problem – book a Yulu and cycle the last few metres to your office. In this pleasant weather, enjoy the breeze, calm your body and mind down, dodge the daily dose of annoyance due to traffic and step into your office without any frustration. Start your day with Yulu, because Yulu promises to keep you healthy and tension free!


  • Book a Yulu to cycle within large campuses

To all our student riders, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. We bring to you our services within your campus grounds. Is the stretch of your campus to long to cover it on feet? Then worry no more, book a Yulu to cycle around the large and happening campuses and save your valuable time. Reach your class on time, no more of missing attendance, all can be fixed with one solution – Yulu bikes. The bikes are more preferred by the students as it helps them to reach the college/school/tuitions on time, lets them avoid the heavy traffic and is also very safe to ride. Hence, the parents encourage their children to commute by Yulu bikes.



  • Book a Yulu for a weekend bonding activity with your family


Bengaluru is a busy city. We, bangaloreans, hardly get time to spend some valuable time with our family. Weekends is the perfect time to catch up with your family and friends.  Make your weekends all the more fun by taking your family and friends on cycle ride in Cubbon Park or Lalbagh. Enjoy the greenery around you on a cycle and with your near and dear ones. Cycling will refresh not just your body but also your mind, all your memories. Enjoy riding a bike with your kids, help them learn cycling, enjoy the morning breeze with your partner or just simply enjoy your evening stroll. Book a Yulu and relax yourself during weekends.