Can normal vehicle co-exist with micro mobility vehicles?

It is obvious that cars and buses dominate the roads definitely but the trends in the transportation sector are changing rapidly. The passengers are showing a change in taste in the way they commute. As developments in autonomous vehicles, flying cars, and hyperloop technology progress, there is a new trend evolving quickly in the urban mobility industry: Micro-vehicles. At present, 54% of the world’s population resides in the urban areas and the projections show that by the year 2050, another 2.5 billion will add to that list. With this being said, one can only imagine how difficult commuting can become when it has to accommodate and serve such a huge population. Normal vehicles like cars and buses do not seem to be very tangible in the long run and hence the idea of micro mobility and micro vehicles is taking over the transportation sector. But, with that, the question that comes to mind is does that mean the end of normal vehicles is approaching its end with the introduction of micro vehicles?

The answer is not just a plain yes or no. It is a bit complicated and let us simplify that for you. If you closely observe, currently there are definitely more cars and buses on the road, however, the vehicles that are privately owned are comparatively much lesser than it was 10 to 15 years back. The reason for this change is the introduction of Shuttle vehicles. You can just rent or book a cab if you need a ride at cheaper rates and the necessity to buy a car is reduced tremendously. Owning a car yet again has become a luxury today and the future generations seem to be moving ahead with the idea of renting or booking a vehicle for the journey. But this issue also comes at a cost. The micro vehicles do not run on petroleum fuels and hence avoids causing pollution. Not just that, the micro vehicles can easily withstand the heavy congestion on roads and helps the passengers commute smoothly even in tough situations when the normal vehicles like cars and public transits fail. We can make the world a better place by making the right decisions. To entirely eliminate normal vehicles may not be a very great idea. For longer distances, the normal vehicles look like the appropriate choice, however for the first mile and last mile commute, instead of relying on cars, you can easily commute using the micro vehicles. It will not only help the environment but significantly reduce your expenditure.

Introducing micro mobility vehicles for the sake of commute does not mean the end of normal vehicles definitely. Heavy vehicles also have a huge role to play in the transportation sector. Micro vehicles are the solution to the problems that the normal vehicles do not have at hand. While a journey in a car may be smoother, the micro vehicles also are smoother and serve even better in cities which are heavily congested. While the rest of the world has welcomed these micro mobility vehicles at their home, Yulu has brought this trend in India. You can try out our product MIRACLE and experience the smoothest ride you can ever have. Scan and rent them using the Yulu app and Ride towards a better tomorrow.

Micro- Mobility Vehicles as a budget-friendly mode of transport

The roads today are ruled by heavy vehicles like cars, buses and other modes of transportation. They claim to provide luxury to your rides and also at the same time helps you reach your destination quicker. They were built and introduced in the market with promises to make commute smoother and easier. However such is not the case today. Times have changed rapidly and there are already too many cars on the road and it has become a burden instead of providing comfort. The roads are extremely congested due to the number of cars and other heavy vehicles on the road. This has lead to high rates of air and noise pollution. Apart from these, the expense also rises with the use of these heavy vehicles. Today, everyone is looking for a way to save money one way or the other and it has become extremely difficult for everyone to do that with the rising prices.

Well, luckily in the transportation sector, the solution for the heavy vehicles that burn a hole in the pocket is here. The introduction of micro mobility vehicles in the market will help the users cut down on their costs heavily. With the demand rising higher every day and the market unable to provide an alternative solution, the costing is going on the upper scale. The fare of cabs and buses have been rising and this kind of inflation is a huge mess for the common man of this country. The micro-mobility vehicles come as a cost saver. While cars cost a fortune, the micro mobile vehicles will cut down the expenditure by almost ten times and at the same time provide better and smoother commutation to the passengers. The micro mobile vehicles are extremely cheap and take up very little space that helps save resources and also increases productivity by taking you towards your destination on time. Apart from that, the heavy vehicles run on petroleum fuels and with petrol and diesel depleting steadily, to control the usage, the prices are soaring sky high. However, that has made little impact on the resources as there has been no proper alternative in the market. The micro mobile vehicles run on manpower or electricity and are free from the harmful petroleum resources that cause damage to the environment and at the same time take a toll on your pocket. The micro mobile vehicles hardly require any expenditure and also at the same time provides better efficiency than the heavy vehicles making it the ideal mode of transportation for the first and last mile commute.

Yulu has brought this modern innovation to India with it MIRACLE and aims at helping the country develop further with more such innovations that will help the country become free of pollution and at the same time commutation is cost effective. Micro mobility is the future we are headed to and Yulu is leading the way in India by providing the micro mobile vehicles for rent at extremely cheaper rates. If you are looking for a way to control your expenditure and also make daily commutation fun, try out our vehicles by renting them through the Yulu app.

Ride the future with us.

Effects Of Sustainable Mobility On Our Sedentary Lifestyle

In the present reality where the affinity to move is continuously increasing, where individuals have to move each day to work and for relaxation, where the merchandise and products of various sorts spread enormous separations, it is important to create a new and progressively maintainable versatility. Yulu is an opportunity to explore and understand what we can do to make the world greener.

Why is it important to advance practical portability?

Practical portability is commonly characterized as that versatility perfect with human and ecological well-being. In the event that unsustainable transport altogether adds to atmosphere changing and negatively affect individuals’ wellbeing electric vehicles essentially decrease CO2 emanations and make our urban communities increasingly decent. Let’s explore in detail three reasons why manageable versatility should fundamentally be our future. 

1) Smart Mobility, Strong Economy: Sustainable Mobility impacts on Economic advancement 

The effect on the economy of practical portability is plentifully exhibited and is of extraordinary significance. While the savvy arranging and the utilization of open transport is a wellspring of reserve funds both for the open organization and natives, all green versatility is gainful for monetary development. Studies directed in zones shut to mechanized traffic, available just to people on foot or cyclists, have noticed a noteworthy increment in business exercises and related salaries. 

2) Sustainable Mobility and Healthier lifestyles 

Proceed on foot or by bike to achieve their responsibilities is to live more steadily, battle the inactive way of life and keep up a great physical shape. Leaving the vehicle in the carport even improves your psychological wellness. Riding a bike is less pushing, and those going by open transport which is increasing in number and only provides a hope to the people that they will save time and be able to mingle more by doing that. Additionally, the discharges created by the autos of our city can cause a wide range of incessant infections. 

3) Sustainable Mobility to spare the planet 

The energy utilized by the vehicles as of now uses non-sustainable sources, for example, oil and gas. The emissions from these are so hurtful to the earth, 90% is given by street transport, while rail and water travel contribute to just 10%. Our planet has not even close to being ready to withstand the contamination from transport, a change towards manageability is earnest.

Hence, the urban scene has to change and Miracle in the picture will serve its purpose to make the planet healthier and greener. Also, it will ensure that the livelihood is made better for the coming generations without letting more toxic elements out in our environment. It is time for all of us to make another change, switch to Miracle and drive towards a pollution free tomorrow.

EVs vs. Fuel Powered Vehicles

Heavy traffic and congested roads is not a surprise anymore in any of the big cities in the world. A 10 or 20 minute journey often turns out to be an hour journey when faced with the traffic. It ends up killing your energy and putting you in a very bad mood. It causes a lot of harm to nature. The pollution rate severely harms society and the environment. The weather today is changing drastically for worse and it is high time that we start taking measures to counter it. One of the most efficient ways to counter the problem would be to take measures in the mode of transportation. Transportation today is majorly driven by fuel powered vehicles, be it cars, buses or bikes. These vehicles cover the majority of the roadways in the cities and it is not surprising that from these vehicles, run by petroleum and diesel, the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from these vehicles are in humongous amount. The effect is very evidently seen in the frequent change of weather. The rising temperature is proof of the fact that the living conditions on this planet are changing for worse. Not just that, these vehicles not only cause harm to nature but also incurs upon a lot of expenditure. The petrol and diesel prices are increasing steadily and there hardly seems any scope that the prices would go down any sooner. And guess what, it is these fuel powered vehicles which leads to heavy congestion on roads thus causing issues for everybody.

There is one solution to all these problems and that is nothing but electric vehicles. Today in various parts of the world, to tackle heavy congestion on roads and fight other issues with fuel powered vehicles, electric vehicles are chosen opted as modes of transportation. The electric vehicles, as the name suggests, runs on charge and electricity. These are not vehicles that are dependent on petrol and diesel or any other fuels as a matter of fact. So you need not to worry anymore about the rising prices of the fuels like diesel and petroleum, nor do you have to keep thinking about re- filling the tank again and again and it is free of emission of gases. When it comes to traffic, it is necessary to remember that electric vehicles are light and do not take up much space and run smoothly. Hence, avoiding traffic congestion on roads and helping you reach your destination on time.

The electric vehicles, such as cycles and today cars are growing more and more in numbers on the streets in the west to tackle the various issues in road transport. It is high time that our country also takes up this mode of commutation to help smoothen the way we travel and make this planet a better place to live for ourselves. Yulu has taken the initiative in India to protect the country and make the commute easier and fun rather than frustrating. Yulu has brought out its latest innovation MIRACLE at very cheap rates to the public for use and hence promoting a greener and better environment. To support the cause, all you need to do is scan and rent using the Yulu app and pedal the change for a better and greener tomorrow on this planet that would make it a healthy place to live for the upcoming generations.

From ferries to Miracle – The evolution of public transport

Regardless of whether ashore or adrift, people right off the bat have effectively tried to go forward by exploiting transport frameworks. The most punctual instances of such genius are water crafts. The individuals who colonized Australia approximately 60,000 to 40,000 years prior have been attributed as the main individuals to cross the ocean, however, there is some proof that early man completed marine excursions as far back as 900,000 years back.

The Watt steam motor, invented in 1769, made a huge difference. Vessels were among the first to exploit steam-created control. In 1783, a French creator by the name of Claude de Jouffroy assembled the Pyroscaphe, the world’s first steamship. Yet, in spite of effectively influencing treks to here and there the waterway and conveying travelers as a component of a show, there wasn’t sufficient enthusiasm to finance further improvement.

While different creators attempted to make steamships that were sufficiently viable for mass transport, it was American Robert Fulton who encouraged the innovation to where it was industrially practical. In 1807, the Clermont finished a 150-mile trip from New York City to Albany that took 32 hours, with the normal speed checking in at around five miles for every hour. Within a couple of years, Fulton and friends would offer ordinary and cargo administration between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Natchez, Mississippi.

In 1769, another Frenchman named Nicolas Joseph Cugnot endeavored to adjust steam motor innovation to a street vehicle and the outcome was the creation of the primary car. The substantial motor added such a great amount of weight to the vehicle that it was at last unreasonably unrealistic for something that had the best speed of two and ½ miles 60 minutes. Another push to repurpose the steam motor for an alternate-methods for individual transport brought about the Roper Steam Velocipede. Created in 1867, the two-wheeled steam-fuelled bike is considered by numerous students of history to be the world’s first bike.

WHAT’S THE SHINIEST, most energizing new innovation for transportation? All things considered, there are a lot of applicants! We have the self-­driving vehicle and automatons sufficiently enormous to convey individuals. Elon Musk is preparing to exhaust hyperloop burrows. With regards to moving people around, the future appears to converge with science fiction.

In any case, the most energizing type of transportation innovation is over 100 years of age—and it’s presumably sitting in your carport. It’s the bike. The fate of transportation has two meager haggles.

Present day tech has changed the unassuming two-­wheeler, making the bicycle share display conceivable. Miracle by Yulu is a living example of the same. Leave the past behind and zoom in to the future of urban transportation. Miracle will change the transportation scenario miraculously. Join the movement and be a part of the miracle! Switch to the new Miracle scooters now!

Changes required in Indian cities with the rise of Micro Mobility Vehicles

With the rising concerns regarding nature and its changing trends that are definitely for bad, it has become utmost necessary for mankind to think of innovative ways to counter these issues. With abundant cars and buses dominating the roads, it has resulted in heavy congestion on roads and has further resulted in rising pollution rates. Not just that, the resources are depleting at a steady rate and as a result of it, petroleum resources are becoming scarce day by day and unaffordable to the common public. The major cities all over the world are revamping and considering the way they travel on a daily basis. Heavy vehicles are replaced by micro vehicles steadily and this has led to the much needed change the world is in need of. While various countries like US and Germany have already accepted these, the Indian cities need to prepare themselves for the change.

As one would expect in the present-day entrepreneurial landscape in India, several startups have been furthering the agenda of electric vehicles. While some have ventured into manufacturing, either the EVs or the components, others are popularizing the utility of EVs via smart, shared mobility solutions. In various parts of the country, one can remotely hire EVs fitted with IoT locks in their vicinity, unlock the same through their smartphone, and use it for completing short-mile commutes, perhaps for hitching a ride from the metro station to the corporate business district or their college. Apart from the first mile and last mile commute, the cities need a few infrastructural developments to help the project progress. As far as micro mobility vehicles like electric scooters, for example, are concerned, and the slump could be attributed to the lack of charging infrastructure and policy support. The major Indian cities need to strengthen its manufacturing muscle to build the micro vehicles we need. The subsidies from the government will definitely help the cause and the micro mobility are in constant talks with the governments. Apart from manufacturing, there is also a change needed in the infrastructure. The current infrastructure definitely favors heavy vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks and micro vehicles are not entirely safe on the road, hence, separate lanes should be provided for the bikes and micro vehicles to ensure their safety and also ensure that these vehicles do not face the trouble of traffic congestion faced by the heavy vehicles. In major cities, advanced talks for providing separate lanes for cyclists and micro vehicles are being held and the governments are working on fulfilling the commitment.

While these smart solutions are promoting the adoption of EVs, the sector awaits a rock-solid push from the government to support innovation and ease in doing business. Our neighbor, China emerged as the world’s second largest manufacturer of EVs within only 2 years, owing to a clear roadmap and the government subsidy and EV policy. However, as per the Union Budget 2019 documents, the center has reduced the EV subsidy by 25% for the next financial year. For India, a good starting point would be to start incentivizing the EV users or operators. Yulu has brought this micro mobility trend into this nation and aims to spread this electric vehicle wave throughout the country. You can try out Miracle by renting them through the Yulu app and help us move ahead to build a better future for ourselves.

Micro- Mobility Vehicles- The Future of Transportation

Since the beginning of time, mankind has progressed tremendously and with inventions in various fields. In the transportation sector, it all began with the invention of the wheel, and from there we have moved towards bullock carts, and after many more, we are here with cars and buses on roads. With the immense progress, the costing that has gone into these innovations and production has been immense and that has led these vehicles to be expensive and not affordable by all. Not just that, these vehicles also have led to heavy congestion on roads today and that has further resulted in pollution rates going higher and having a bad impact on the environment. The world is becoming more aware of these issues and it is time that we move ahead as we always have and bring in micro mobility for that truly is the future of transportation.

The rise of micro- mobility companies has been well documented with the rise of companies like Ofo and Mobike in China and Citi bike and Jump bike in US. All these companies have created a huge demand in the market for the first mile and last mile transportation vehicles. Even though the trend is still tilted towards the heavy vehicles but the market is steadily shifting in favour of the micro vehicles which are light and easy to ride. In 2018, this micro-mobility trend was re-energized with the emergence of the shared and dockless electric scooter (e-scooter for short), pioneered by Lime and Bird in the US. These e-scooters quickly found such strong product-market fit that Bird and Lime became the fastest ever US companies to reach billion-dollar valuations, with each achieving this milestone within a year of inception. 

Megacities worldwide are facing an epidemic of congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanization that is increasing gridlock and putting severe pressure on public transportation systems. Electric scooters are not the only micro vehicles that are being introduced. Electric bikes or pedal bikes, both docked and dockless are also viable options to escape the traffic congestions and travel smoothly towards the destinations. The micro- mobility companies have just one huge concern and that is the safety of the passengers. Many of the city’s infrastructure does not support the micro vehicles on road and are prone to accidents. To address this issue at hand, various companies have held talks with the governments to build infrastructure to promote a healthier mode of commutation. The governments all over the world realize the need for these vehicles and how much the planet could benefit from this initiative, have already started working on developing the infrastructure that would ensure the safety of the passengers using the micro vehicles. Various lanes are built specially for these vehicles and these also ensure that the riders need not face the heat of the traffic in the rush hours. As these are light vehicles, they hardly take up space and cause no congestion. Apart from that, these vehicles run on electric power or manpower and do not feed heavily on the petroleum fuels that cause pollution. Hence, these vehicles are pollution- free.

Yulu has brought this initiative to India and the cities, Bengaluru and Pune are benefitting from it tremendously. Yulu rents cycles at cheap rates to make the commute easier. The introduction of Miracle also provides the public with another ode of transportation. Try out our micro- mobility vehicles by renting them using the Yulu app at cheap rates and live the future.

Tips To Stay Safe While Riding The Miracle

The prominence of electric bikes has soared in recent times. Many individuals, from kids to adolescents and even grown-ups, utilize electric bikes for both recreation and voyaging. While they’re positively amusing to ride, bikes may likewise represent a danger to their clients. Recorded underneath are a couple MIRACLE security tips each client must know.

  1. Wear standard security hardware

A few mishaps just can’t be deflected, even in the occasion you’ve played it safe. That is absolutely why it is fundamental that you wear individual defensive gear in the event anything terrible occurs.

Continuously wear a cap to ensures safety for your head. Elbow and knee ties shield those corners from scratches and knocks in case you spill. Gloves help improve your grasp on the arrangement. Electric bikes are, generally, ensured, yet it is justified, despite all the trouble to be pleasantly prepared.

  1. Check the tires

Always evaluate the bike’s tires before use. A brisk survey before the ride can go far in guaranteeing your security the minute that you are out.

A portion of the things that you must look out to incorporate the outside appearance of the tires and its weight. Continually check when the tracks are not exhausted.

  1. Focus on Your Surroundings

It’s anything but difficult to lose focal point of your environment while riding a bike. Continuously center around the street and watch your surroundings.

Pay special attention to people on foot, approaching traffic and different obstructions. You must take care to counteract mishaps. Stick to guidelines and tenets, pursue the way of individuals and shield against swarmed places.

  1. Be Conscious of obstructions

Continuously pay special attention to potholes, knocks, and fissure. These obstacles are among the fundamental reasons why bike mishaps occur. Conventionally, the perfect activity is to try to avoid panicking, gradually decline your speed until you arrive at a full stop.

Be aware of puddles, moreover. Puddles may seem harmless, however, they can be fairly dangerous. Keep your speed low when riding a bike through wet climate.

  1. Keep away from tricky surfaces

Practice additional alert when riding a bike on elusive and wet surfaces, for example, marble tiles, metal surfaces, wet avenues, and sloppy walkways. Water makes it increasingly troublesome for the tires to help your bike and may conceivably cause wounds. Continuously keep a low speed while cruising on a wet territory.


Why Should One Opt for Eco-Friendly Vehicles?

The vehicle division is the biggest cause of ozone-harming substance outflows for some nations. Your ordinary vehicles discharge carbon dioxide and numerous other unsafe synthetic substances that are harming the earth and human wellbeing. This makes driving the correct vehicle more imperative than any other time in recent memory. Driving an eco-accommodating vehicle is an incredible method to support human wellbeing and nature. Green vehicles discharge less hurtful synthetic compounds into the air, as it radiates low carbon mixes when running. Discover the distinctive reasons why eco-accommodating vehicles are so imperative, and how they can help avert more harm to the earth.

Effect of Pollution on the Environment

Vehicle contamination is one of the real reasons for a worldwide temperature alteration. The ozone depleting substances and carbon dioxide that vehicles discharge end up caught in the climate. This has caused temperatures and ocean levels worldwide to increment throughout the years. As vehicle contamination keeps on affecting a dangerous atmosphere, you can likewise anticipate tempests, floods and dry spells to be increasingly extreme.

The ascent in temperature has caused ice tops and icy masses to dissolve. This has caused ocean levels to rise, yet in addition hotter temperatures. It will affect typhoons also, as tempests increment in quality because of hotter sea surface temperatures.

The synthetic substances that vehicles radiate additionally influence the air, soil and water quality. The distinctive synthetic substances have debilitated the ozone layer and caused corrosive downpour, which unfavorably influences yields, woodlands and every single sea-going condition. It discharges aluminum in the dirt and makes the water in oceanic situations acidic.

Contamination and Human Health

The distinctive substances vehicles discharge noticeable all around, influence the earth, and additionally your wellbeing. Carbon monoxide and different synthetic substances that your average vehicle transmits can hurt you. The synthetic substances influence the nature of the air you breathe.

Not having the nature of air that you should take in harms your respiratory framework, particularly causing symptoms of asthma. There are various diseases brought about by open air contamination, and vehicles have a vast impact on this circumstance.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

With a worldwide temperature alteration and wellbeing worries on the rise due to the synthetic compounds autos produce, it is critical to purchase the correct vehicle. Opting for an eco-accommodating vehicle is the best approach. They are significantly more moderate than they were before, and this speculation is an approach to support your wellbeing and the world you live in.


Mixtures and electric vehicles are “eco-accommodating” on purpose. Electric vehicles don’t consume any fuel. They run exclusively on power, which implies they don’t discharge any destructive synthetic compounds into the air. Opt for Yulu Miracle and make the difference for yourself and for the entire population.

A glimpse of the dawn of micro-mobility vehicles

After the wave of urban mobility, micro mobility is set to take everyone by storm. Urban mobility gave us the outline of the new infrastructural developments that we should be thinking about, the new areas we should be exploring. Under the same, bicycles as an alternative to heavy vehicles for public transport was accepted and appreciated.

Megacities worldwide are facing an epidemic of congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanization that is increasing gridlock and putting severe pressure on public transportation systems. 46% of traffic is caused by cars on trips less than three miles and micro-mobility solutions could help alleviate a significant portion of this last-mile gridlock. The main concerns with micro-mobility vehicles and e-scooters, in particular, are safety and whether the city’s current infrastructure can support the massive influx of these vehicles. Common questions include “How do we keep the e-scooters from being parked where we don’t want them?” and “How do we modify our bike lanes to keep e-scooter riders and bike riders safe while also keeping enough sidewalk space for pedestrians?”

Most of the large micro-mobility companies have been working with cities to address these concerns including using electronic geo-zones to prevent riders from either riding in an unsafe area or parking in an area where the city doesn’t want them to park. These are the scenarios mostly in the US but in countries like India where the demand rate is quite on the higher side. Hence all the factors give rise to a new curiosity of what next? Miracle by Yulu is the answer to the question. It is the future of India. The Miracle is a smart, affordable and eco-friendly way to get wherever you need to go. The light and compact body ensure that parking is not an issue, and the 25 Km/hour speed limit lets you ride safely without a license. The vehicles unlock easily via Bluetooth, and a GPS tracker ensures users find a ride easily. Baggage space, a battery indicator, a smart bell, and a mobile phone holder are other features which enhance functionality for an urban commuter.

In conclusion, no matter what side of the micro-mobility and e-scooter argument you fall on, the data indicates society needs a viable last-mile alternative to the current transportation options that are congesting and polluting the world’s most populous cities. Time will tell if the best last-mile alternative ends up being e-scooters, dockless bikes, or some new form of transportation yet to hit the streets.

The Miracle is set to redefine short distance commute as we know it, as it is a practical answer to the problems traffic congestion poses for the city, and the people living in it. Commuters can now opt for the smarter, easier and more fun way to cover short distances – whether they have to travel for work, run errands or simply go out for a breath of fresh air.

Change the way you move – and we guarantee it will be the start of a movement to a healthier and more efficient transportation system. So be a part of our Miracle and Ride the Change!